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Ubuluku Meeting Is Illegal: Akpeme Reacts To Suspension, Says Young Remains Expelled



Ifoghere To Akpeme: You Can't Expel Our Duly Elected State Chairman Young

By Daniel Dafe

Dr. Ochuko Akpeme has said that the 32nd meeting of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS, Delta State Chapter, organized at Ubuluku in Aniochia South Local Government Area of the state was illegal.

Dr. Akpeme said this during an exclusive chat with Oasis Magazine on Thursday.

At the said meeting, members of NAPPS present suspended Dr. Akpeme for expelling the state chairman, Mrs. Young P.N. over issues bordering on alleged forgery of examination question papers for the Association and impersonation.

According to him, the offence of the expelled chairman and others was “a case of forgery of first term examination questions and impersonation.”

His words: “In the first case, the only level that is authorised to print or develop questions is NEC which is the highest level and in the Constitution no other level not even the zonal level that is next to NEC has the power to do so. What they did was without seeking consent from the members who were thinking that they were getting their questions from the national level. They didn’t even know what had happened. They were just complaining out of disappointment that the National used to be very reasonable with the questions but this one is not in line with the scheme of work, there were numerous errors. They were also of poor quality and substandard.”

Speaking of the legality of the expulsion of Young, he said: “NAPPS has four levels- the Local Government level, the State level, Zonal level and the National level.”

Adding: “It is a very structured association. The State level oversees the local government level. The zonal level oversees the State level while the national level oversees the zonal level. It is empowered because it checks lawlessness and we exercise our authority to suspend or expel any personality at the state level that has breached the constitutional provisions of the organisation.”

Meanwhile, he said that the meeting organized by Mrs. Young P.N. in Ubuluku was illegal.

In his words, “Whatever decision or resolution reached, is null and void.”

“This is because the chairman, before holding that meeting, had been expelled and the letter of expulsion stated that she should not parade herself as the chairman of NAPPS Delta State. So whatever decision is reached is null and void. That meeting does not in any way meet the constitutional provisions because if you are expelled you have no power to convey a meeting. I will send you a notice. I even sent a memo the day before yesterday just to warn members to desist from attending that meeting because the person in question has been expelled.”

He said further: “To prove to you that there was a massive response in support of me, at the meeting, there was a poor turnout. Did you see the attendance sheet? In a full local government, you have just one person; is that not funny? For example Ethiope West had just 1 person representing the area. Ika North East- 1; Ika South- 1; Ukwuani- 1; Aniochia North-1, Okpe- 2 Warri-South- 1. The only local government that was there was Oshimilli South and one other local government like that again that was there and this was because that’s their locality and they are the people supporting the illegality.”

“And most of these people that were one from the local government areas are members of the state exco and so have no options but to attend,” he opined.

He added: “A quorum was not formed because our constitution said at least 55% of members in the state must be present,” noting that only about 15% attended the Ubuluku meeting.

He quoted Article 77 (State Meeting) (iv), Page 8 of the 2023 Constitution that states that 55% of those qualified to attend shall form a quorum.

“Those to attend are all registered members in the state and no restrictions,” he noted.

He continued: “Let’s go to the old one that they are relying on which is not even in operation. The one of the 2017 Constitution that they are holding on to in Article 74 (State Meeting) (iv), Page 66 and 67, states that 55% of those to attend shall form a quorum.”

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Reacting to rumour that his tenure as South South National Vice President has expired, he said: “I am sure that you published our South South zonal election that took place in December. In this election, all the notable personalities were there and voted massively for me because it was a delegate election. What they gathered for; was it my birthday party? This issue does not end in social media because when the fire starts, they will know.

“Are you aware that there was a Congress in Bayelsa last week Thursday? When they were talking about it, I told them that all leaders at all levels must attend the Congress. This is because we want to give them value and want them to be efficient and competent and I also said that failure to attend might end up making you lose your seat. Is that a threat? It’s just like when teachers say if you don’t pay your school fees don’t come to school tomorrow. Is that a threat? But that is what these people are going to call a threat. That showed me that they had it in mind not to attend that Congress. I will send you a video to show you how I was received. I was well received. So tell me why will they receive me so well? Am I the governor of Bayelsa State?”

Also, reacting to a voice note by Obong Edet Udoh that claimed that he was the BoT member from the South South, saying Akpeme’s tenure has expired, he said: “That guy was once a BOT but he is no longer one again. He was removed as BoT on the 15th of February, 2024, by the National Congress for being part of the alteration of NAPPS CAC document. So, he does not represent any interest in the South South.”

On Hon. Ekhosuehi Reuben Ikponmwen parading himself as the South South Vice President, he said: “He is impersonating. Where and how was he voted in?”

Chief Yomi Otubela’s Tenure
Do you know that NEC has the power and is empowered by the Constitution to amend the Constitution. An Amendment Committee was set up over two (2) years ago if I am correct and every process was observed. One of them is; giving the draft to the State, zone and local government to go through and make their own input. In that draft, to be candid with you there was nothing like second tenure. It was in the wisdom of twenty-one (21) states that said no, only one tenure will not help leaders that are visionary like Otubela to achieve their purpose. So, the 21 states proposed that there should be second tenure instead of one tenure and there was a Congress because the only body that can approve such is the National Congress. So, a Congress was held in Abuja. In that Congress, notable personalities alongside all those people that are making noise currently were there and they supported the amendment. We have the video clips of the amendment and there was room for anyone to say that they were against the amendment and even if they did not win, let it just be on record that they were against it. Even when they gave them a chance to speak, none of these people came to speak against it even during the voting, I carefully watched they voted that the Constitution should be amended and it stands amended now and it is the working constitution we are using now. The amendment among other things was that there should be a window for second tenure and whoever wants to contest with the President can come out and contest because it is not an automatic ticket just like the Nigerian Constitution. He was not given an automatic ticket. He bought form and reapplied but because of his track record, they didn’t have anyone that came out to buy the same form. So, we did the election and he was voted. All these people complaining were also there and voted for him. So, there is what we call reprobation and probation in law. What it means is that you cannot support a process and come back to say you are against the process and that is what is happening to them now. In all their lies, they never told the people that they were there in the delegate conference in Abuja. They are adults and not babies. They supported a motion and now they are acting like they were not part of it. That’s cowardly. So you can see that this thing is tying them and they have no escape from it.

“They were also in my election. It was a zonal election and they were there as delegates to vote for me so I can’t understand what’s going on.”

At the time of filing this report, the congratulatory message by Mrs. Young sent to Dr. Akpeme after his victory as NVP South South was made available to Oasis Magazine.

It reads: “On behalf of the executives of NAPPS Delta state, I congratulate our own, Dr Ochuko Akpeme who emerged as the NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT SOUTH SOUTH (NVP) for the second time. I pray for God’s wisdom and grace upon you to pilot the affairs of Napps South/South to a greater heights. Congratulations once again sir

From the state Chairman.


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