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OPINION: Okuama & Oba Of Benin Busybody



OPINION: Okuama & Oba Of Benin Busybody

Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II’s one sided comments on Okuama kilings when 4 Brigade Commander, Brig-General Ebenezer Oduyebo, visited Oba Palace in Edo state, was to say the least disappointing.

Nobody is happy about the murder of Nigerian soldiers under any circumstance, but the Oba, as father to a kingdom, should know and rightly acknowledge that there is equally no corresponding justification for vengeful invasion for indiscriminate killing of Okuama people and leveling of every structure on sight in the community.

Oba of Benin should have condemned the humiliation of the Ovie of Ewu Kingdom, a fellow monarch like him who has been declared wanted, arrested and languishing in Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

The Oba of Benin should have condemned the slaughtering of police officers by suspected herdsmen in Agadama and Ohoror bush of Ughelli North LGA in same Delta state where the soldiers were killed.

Are the Okuama locals and the police officers not human beings? No Nigerian is worth killing, including the soldiers, police and civilians. All Nigerians have roles in nation building.

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Has Oba Ewuare II condemed the killing of soldiers in Borno state few days ago by suspected bandits and Boko Haram?

Oba of Benin failed to condemn the displacement of Okuama locals staying in the bush without shelter, food and water. Every Nigerian deserves humane treatment as the military also deserve.

Did the Oba of Benin claim ignorance of the police that were killed by suspected herdsmen in Agadama and Ohoror bushes in Uwherun of Ughelli North LGA when police officers were on lawful duties?

The Oba as a father figure should not approach sensitive issues of security from inciting disposition. He should rather be well informed about the issues before dabbling and subjecting his revered thrown to ridicule.

With the damage done impossible to unmake, an Oba of Benin with self respect must by as much bothered about the misnomers leading to the avoidable tragedy in order to avert a repeat of the ugly experience.

The Oba should have been worried about the doubtful ‘peace mission’, of the solders that got killed, into Okuama without the knowledge of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori? The Oba should be worried that soldiers that were mobilised by unknown people believed to be from Okoloba to go for the supposed failed and questionable peace mission in Okuama community of Ughelli South LGA in Delta.

Is Oba of Benin not aware that Major D. E Obi who was one of the soldiers killed left his duty post as platoon commander in Utorogu Gas Plant in Delta state to Okuama village on the ‘questionable and failed peace mission’?

What then is the role of the Nigerian police who are supposed to be in-charge of civil and internal security concerns? When has the military taken over the roles of the police? What questionable peace mission was the Oba of Benin referring to?

Was there a war so erupted between Okuama people of Ughelli South LGA and Okoloba of Bomadi LGA? If at all there was land feud between the two communities, is it the responsibility of the military to broker peace or of the state government and the Nigerian police?

The Oba of Benin has more home trouble to deal with in his Edo state than to induce more incitement in neighboring Delta. A Deputy Governor has just been sacked in a shambolic drama of impeachment because of petty disagreement with Governor Obaseki. What has the Oba of Benin said about this.

He should face his home troubles and not dabble into sensitive issues he has no clear knowledge of. He should not create further incitement of the military against Okuama people.

_*Zik Gbemre*_
_*April 10,2024*_

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