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Arewa Quit Notice To Igbo, Unfortunate, Treasonable, Says Ogodo By John Onos




A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the deputy chairman of the party in Delta State, Chief Dr. Cyril Abeye Ogodo has described the quit notice and the ultimatum given to the Ibos residing in the North as unfortunate and treasonable. 

Chief Ogodo in a chat with journalists in Sapele Delta State, explained that those calling for the Ibos to quit are non Nigerians, whom he likened to criminal elements hell bent to distract this present government from focusing on their articulated plans for the transformation of the country.

He advised the federal government and security agencies to treat these elements as criminals which could possibly serve as a deterrent to others planning to do same in other geo-political regions in the country, adding that, “they should not be handled with kid gloves since they mean evil”, explaining that the same law should take its cause on IPOB and MASSOB members.
Chief Ogodo who lamented these groups calling for separation, says the trend is “dangerous to the unity of this country which our heroes and heroines fought to remain one indivisible entity called Nigeria.”

He stressed that he stands for one Nigeria, which many had sacrificed their lives as a supreme sacrifice to protect and preserve as one entity, predicting that Nigeria can never divide and that all agitations for the country’s division will fail. “No matter the length they may go and not even another era of war can divide the country,” he said.
He frowned seriously at the current moves by the new group who styled themselves as “New Avengers”, purporting to blow up all oil facilities in Delta State for governor Okowa’s government which they say has not met the people’s desire.

The APC stalwart maintained that “to agitate is not bad, but I do not agree with them that blowing pipe lines is the right thing to do. Does Okowa own oil pipeline? If they call themselves “New Avengers”, it is the most unreasonable thing to say in the first place, as there are other ways they can show their anger and not by threat that they are going to blow our pipelines which is tantamount to a national Sabotage since the pipelines belongs to all Nigerians.”
Chief Ogodo added: “If you put a government in power, and they end up not performing, it is not by blowing up pipelines for you to make the governor to work. You can wait for 2019 and remove him through your vote which is one of the constitutional provisions where you can display your anger.”

He advised them never to blow up the pipelines at all because it is a criminal act, advising the federal government and security agencies to treat anyone who blows up any pipeline belonging to the oil companies as a common criminal.

Continuing, he called on IPOB and MASSOB members not to include the Urhobo nation in their agitations since they are not part of those groups, assuring that his people have resolved to remain in the current legal entity called and known as Nigeria, urging them not to revisit old wounds, and if they decide to go, the Urhobos will not go with them.
Chief Ogodo who once contested to represent Sapele in the Delta State House of Assembly with Chief M. O. Igbuya, the impeached speaker of the House, applauded the Vice-President of the country, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on his visits to several parts of the country, describing it as a very good development.

The Delta APC deputy chairman also advised leaders in the country to call on youths in their respective areas to order, advising them that Nigeria is one country “as we are better off as people living together; I have the Hausas as my best friends, the country cannot be divided,” he concluded.


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