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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Pengician World Records (PWR) And Their Answers






Q: Is there monetary reward for setting or breaking a PWR?
A: Yes.

Q: Will PWR sponsor the equipment and venue for my record attempt?
A: No.

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Q: Can I get back my registration fee or be refunded if I don’t want to proceed with the record attempt?
A: No. After registration, no refund of fees. You are expected to read and know all that is required before you take any step.

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Q: Is registration free?
A: No.

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Q: Can participants who are non-Africas set and break PWR?
A: Yes Distance is not a barrier. As long as you’re a human or an animal, you can. PWR is a worldwide affair.

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Q: Must PWR team be there before I break and set a PWR title?
A: No. But, we must be aware. The date, time and venue must be communicated to us. The record icon (in the making) must have paid the required fees. It would be cheaper if our team is there on ground. The expenses would be easily affordable for the record icon. If our team will not be there, you need:
1. Judge {a Prof. or Doctor of Letters, at least}
2. 3 monitors {at least each with a university degree. Their certificates must be scanned and send ahead of the record date alongside the required fees and filled forms}
3. 2 Time keepers, at least 30 years of age, with reasonable portfolio(s) in the society.
N.B: None of the above must be your family members or relatives.

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Q: What if I lost my life or the life of my animal or sustain an injury, will Pengician World Records be held responsible?
A: No.

Q: After paying for the form and record attempt, will I still pay for PWR team?

A: No. But, remember form is different from record attempt.

Q: Is the monetary award the same amount with all PWR titles?
A: No.

Note: 24hours video surveillance must be present to capture records if our team will be absent. And no editing whatsoever must come into the video. We will ask for the DV tapes for they are our items of property.


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