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[Pengician World Records] Most Time Spent Surfing The Internet {Uninterrupted} Achieved by SIR A-ONE






[Pengician World Records (PWR) ] Most Time Spent Surfing The Internet {Uninterrupted} record set by a Nigerian blogger, SIR A-ONE


Longest Time Spent Surfing The Internet {Uninterrupted}

Surfing the internet without having to take your eyes off the gadget, not receiving or making calls, not sending and replying text messages, etc is not an easy task. It is indeed a herculean task. But, a Nigerian blogger, website reviewer and writer, SIR A-ONE, has set the PENGICIAN WORLD RECORDS (PWR).

Born as GOODNEWS ANDREW ERUEMUARE, with his pen and stage name as SIR A-ONE, has earned for himself a PWR for THE LONGEST TIME SPENT SURFING THE INTERNET (Uninterrupted).

The longest time spent surfing the internet {uninterrupted} was achieved by GOODNEWS ANDREW ERUEMUARE a.k.a SIR A-ONE in Bacita, Kwara State, Nigeria in 2 days 1 hour 12 minutes from 31st August 2017 to 2nd September 2017.
Within this period of 49 hours 12 minutes, he succeeded in listening to over 700 audio tracks in the background.


The record icon, Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare, was born on Saturday, 22nd November, 1986. The 30 year-old writer, website reviewer and blogger is the CEO of and , and currently managing over six (6) websites as an administrator. A graduate of Languages and Linguistics from Delta State University, Abraka, he is currently undergoing the National Youth Service (NYSC) at Archbishop Pepple Junior Seminary School (A.P.J.S) where he takes Literature-in-English in the senior classes and Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA) in the junior classes. His expected day of completion of the NYSC is October 24, 2017.


The PWR record with most time spent surfing the internet {uninterrupted} was indeed a herculean task owing to epileptic power supply.
A standby generating set was hired for the exercise.
The details of the record are:

Record Icon:
Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare a.k.a SIR A-ONE

Bacita, Edu local government area, Kwara State

Thursday, 31st August, 2017.

12.00AM (Midnight)

Momoh Alfred from Kogi State

Esssien Blessing from Akwa Ibom
Okeh Tina from Delta State

Arubike Emeka Donatus from Enugu State


Chief Surveillance:

Oke Victoria Abimbola a.k.a Slimzy from Ondo State

Uvienutome Ejeke from Delta State

The above team is made up of people drawn from 4 Universities and 2 holders of the Higher National Diploma. It is a team that cuts across the country.

The event was streamlined at some points live and direct on PWR Facebook page:
Pengician World Records.

Wednesday, 30th August, 2017 at 5.00PM the team met and discussed the rules of engagement properly and had their photograph shot at 5.45PM.

At 12.00AM, Emeka Donatus alongside Uvienutome Ejeke took over the monitoring from 12.00AM till about 6.35AM Thursday, 31st August, 2017 before others took over.

The event was well monitored by the above team. Transmitted live at some point in time on the organisation’s Facebook Page: Pengician Worlds Records and the official website of the organisation,

After the event, the team was duly interviewed.

A record has been officially set on the Internet (Blogosphere). Anyone can break this in the future.

The contact of the group that organised the record:


Facebook page:­PengicianWorldRecords/

Join us on Widestforum:

You can break and set any of our world records. The boldness to do this is the first factor in succeeding, following the specific rules and regulations is the next decisive factor. Note that Terms and Conditions apply.


Pengician World Records is where you can set and break world records and go home with a huge amount of money.
You are welcome to participation in the Pengician World Records contests!


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