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Nigeria recently celebrated her 57th independence. The journey so far has been described by many as a slow one. This is the truth, but with the present shift in mindset of the populace, it is obvious that in a short while, the story will change.

Leaders in time past have taken the masses for granted. But, with the present discourse on the streets, especially on social media, Nigerians truly now desire a change.

Perhaps, APC’s promise of ‘Change’ got Nigerians longing for a change like never before. In time past, they could suffer and continue smiling, but now, the story has changed.

Imagine the daring move by the people of Kogi West constituent in Kogi State, moving to recall back Senator Dino Melaye.

Our democracy is growing and politicians are fast losing the influence they waded in time past where non-performing politicians are returned by buying their way back.

If our nation must move forward, we must embrace a nationalistic approach to issues in the country. We must tolerate other tribes, religions and political groups. We cannot afford not to be patriotic and must continually be committed towards moving Nigeria forward.

We must all stop praising criminals but rather treat them as enemies of the State.

I believe that come 2018, when we celebrate our next independence, we will be able to look back and truly celebrate and not just fulfill all righteousness and hold a mere ceremony.

God bless Nigeria!

Daniel Dafe Umukoro

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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