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January 2018: Publisher’s Suite!!!!



It is with great joy that I welcome you to Year 2018 on behalf of every member of the Oasis Magazine (OM) team.
Hopes are high, though last year ended on a sad note for many due to the fuel scarcity and price hike of the product. Funny though, the blame trade is still going on about who is to blame for the scarcity.
Nigerians are still waiting for the messiah in the person of Buhari to deliver on many of his campaign promises.
At the moment, it looks like the pump price for fuel will be increased, even though Ibe Kachikwu has said that this will not happen. It is also on record that fuel price increases every pre-election year. We thought with Buhari, it will not be business as usual. Although a few things have changed, the expectations of Nigerians are yet to be fully met.
At the time of writing this editorial, council elections just got concluded in Delta State with the results for the 25 local government areas announced, and the umpire declaring the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, winners of all the seats.
It is sad to observe that a mere council election was conducted with violence and rigging reported in some places. I thought we would follow in the path of Anambra State that just did their governorship election, and adjudged to be free and fair. One cannot but wonder what will take place in 2019 in our dear state. If politicians learn how to allow their works speak for them and allow the electorates choose who governs them, things would be a lot more peaceful during elections. You cannot eat your cake and have it.
However, to those that won, it is important that you know that the game is changing. Good governance and exemplary leadership is no more optional. Elections had to be postponed in Ethiope East and Ughelli North Local Government Areas. It looks like the opposition there stamped their feet on the ground and said it will not be business as usual.
Well, this is 2018 and we wish you all the best. Congrats!
Daniel Dafe Umukoro
Publisher, Oasis Magazine


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mercy muoboghare

    January 28, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Politics is the only viable business in the state. Edo is opening a refinery. Anambra is into rice production and car manufacturing,, even for the Nigerian army. We need true leaders in Delta state who genuinely love the state and want to build it , leaders right from the smallest unit of society. Fathers who want to invest in the collective growth of their immediate homes and their neighbours and community. The Africa of collective community growth . We are all involved in our little corners of playing self. No scent of patriotism. If we have the mind set of UBUNTU we will know politics is RESPONSIBILlTY TO OTHERS not self . advancement.But making kids see future and not exploited and neglected. I stand for child protection and I know what the future is for some kids roaming round our towns with no home or meal. That alone is an indication of failure in the part of all. But we will get there if we turn away our faces from the death of the future of even one child especially in the creek where so many communities have loafs of kids out cut if from education.girls kidnapped and forced into marriage etc. . Then where are we leading. Idle youths and girls and kids getting pregnant daily and creating small communities around the river banks? Idle mind is the devils workshop. Politics is the only business working .so expect nothing more than what the LGA election is. Peace and security starts from planning for unborn children. Join our child protection advocacy. If the foundation be faulty. Where is peace.

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