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Why I Sing Traditional Songs- Dora Peters





Dora Peters


Up and coming music sensation, Dora Peters has said that her decision to do traditional songs was borne out of a desire to promote her culture, adding that she loves dancing and traditional music is how she can best express herself.

She made this disclosure during an online chat with Oasis Magazine.

According to Dora, back then, she took Kefee of blessed memory as her role model, saying that she always admired her dancing steps and hoped to be like her some day.

She added: “The way she did her traditional music and her costume inspired me greatly.”

Dora who has done music for sixteen years, but professionally for five years, has an album to her credit and has written a total of twelve traditional songs.

She hopes to release a new album in 2018.

Dora hails from Arogbo, Ondo State and presently resides in Bayelsa Sate with her husband and kid.

‎By Daniel Dafe


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