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Human Parts Discovered In Dumpsite In Sapele



…1 In Police Net, Confesses To Ritual Killings
Fear has enveloped residents of Sapele town following news of the discovery of human body parts at a dumpsite along New Ogorode Road, Sapele, just after Ogbimi drive.
Reports indicates that the spot where the discovery was made had a makeshift building made of cellophane, woods and raffia palm as roof and has been known as the abode of two mad men, unknown to residents that they were not mad men but ritual killers.
Luck ran out of them when some motorcycle riders noticed that an offensive odour was coming from the building in the dumpsite. Curiosity made the said motorcylcle riders draw near to see the source of the unpleasant smell, only to discover body parts of human beings.
On discovering this, one of the supposed mad men took to his heels, the other was apprehended and when interrogated, admitted that they were ritual killers that sell body parts.

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He claimed that people do come to them at night to buy the body parts, but the ones that attracted the public would have been sold before the incident but the buyers did not come as agreed to collect the part, which made the body parts to decay and attract attention.
The culprit was finally handed over to the Police while the makeshift structure was set ablaze by residents.



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