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My Music Is Inspired By Life’s Struggles, Says Yusuf Jimoh



CEO, Deotaj Hi Star Records, Barrister Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson (TAJ) (l) and Yusuf Jimoh

I Wish To Be A Beacon Of Light To Others Who Are Suffering And Finding It Hard To Live, He Says

Versatile Sapele-born and bred singer, song writer and rapper, Yusuf Jimoh, throws light into his music journey so far.

Jimoh is the first artiste under Deotaj Hi Star Records (DHStar Records).

Despite being an orphan at 9, he decided to live out his dream of using music to inspire others and give hope to many that are finding it hard to live.

He is optimistic and believes that he is on his way to the top.

Here is a brief xray into the life of Jimoh, a fast-rising musical talent.

Read on!

Can we meet you; tell us about you and your style of music)?

My name is Yusuf and my surname is Jimoh. I am a versatile singer, song writer and rapper. I was born (at Nene Hospital at Olympia back then) bred and brought up in Sapele, Delta state. My style of music is Afro-pop, which is like the African traditional music, vast and varied in sub genres and sounds. My style is not the specific type of sound and I can virtually change style and blend with a different genre etc reggae.

Tell us how you started the journey into music.

I can verily say from the tender age of seven I was introduced into music but my professional career started in 2012 after the release of my hit single titled: “Baba God abeg.” I have been an Orphan since 2012 when I lost my father. I lost my mother when I was nine (9) so I grew up virtually in the streets fending for myself. I pushed truck and tried to push my education but I stopped when i got to secondary school. I have struggled my way through life and God has been grateful. I am now signed as the first artiste under DHStar Records and my Talent Manager is Ben Okoma of BOLD. I have seen major progress since then.

Can you say you are where you want to be based on your dreams when you first started? No? Tell us.

I am nowhere close to where I want to be for now, but looking back I have come a long way and I have God to thank. You will know more if you watch my documentary.

Looking back, do you think you would have done some things in your career differently?

Looking back, there is nothing I would have done different. I was not born with a spoon, not to talk of a silver spoon. So…..if I could only change that.

What inspires your music?

My music is inspired by life’s struggles. The tough times I have been through, the deceit, the lies, the hatred, the pains and cries and the joys. Real life experience is the focal point of my music.

I wish to be a beacon of light to others who are suffering and finding it hard to live day by day, not knowing where the next meal will come from…..

I want to touch lives and help people to get a better life and show them that with consistency and belief in God and hard work anything is possible!

What do want your brand to be known for as you grow?

I wish to be known as the voice of hope and the one whose songs touch peoples’ hearts and make them understand that all is vanity, and that it is our relationship with our fellow human beings that matters; it is the memories we take away and what we will be remembered for afterwards.

Which musical artist motivates you and why?

Kelly was my major music motivator. 2face, Timaya, African China, 2PAC. Why? Because they know their onus. They strived to become what they are. Their songs brought joy to my troubled heart and I found hope just listening to them.

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What is the title of your first single released, and when?

Baba God Abeg oh. It was released in 2012

What is your view on collaborations in music?

Collaborations should be a way that successful artistes help young and upcoming artistes to be known in the music industry. It should be a tool to unite all musicians together in songs thereby sending a universal message of oneness to all who hear it. But, it’s a pity that these days, it is now a milking machine by some successful artistes to get monies off the young ones. Sadly it has deteriorated to a system of no money, no music, even though such collaborations would have produced magic.

Which collaboration would you say have impacted on your career?

The collaboration between Mr. Roy (former Nigga Raw) titled ’Water’ and the one with Oritsefemi has made tremendous impact too in the music industry.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in your next projects? And why would you prefer them?

Burna Boy, Davido, BigWiz, African China, DonJazzy, and many others too numerous to mention. I prefer them because it is definitely going to be a new sound and will go a long way to bless the lives of all who listens to it.

What would you be doing right now if not for your music career? Truck Pusher?

Without the music, I am a good footballer and still very fit to play professional matches for real. For years from young age I had the liberty of playing football anytime and I became very good over time.

Tell us about your hit single, Truck Pusher and what inspired it.

Truck Pusher is a song about my story. How I began to hustle to fend for myself and live in the streets after being kicked out from my mother’s sister’s house after the death of my father. It mirrored the struggles and the eventual joy of being blessed by God.



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1 Comment

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    June 18, 2021 at 6:01 am

    Okpaligwe God is ur strength brov, newversion

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