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Queen Biobele Says Rapists Should Be Tried In Special Courts



Kid Model and Crowned Queen of Little Miss Damsel Nigeria 2020, Queen Biobele Longjohn, has advised the leadership structure in Nigeria, to try rapists in special courts.

Queen Biobele who was reacting on her social media page @littemissdamselnigeria, to the rising cases of rape in the society today said, the delay in dispensing justices in regular courts, could pose as a threat to the judicial system.

According to Biobele, when rapists see that on weekly basis, others are convicted, some to life imprisonment, others to death, we would have a reduction in cases.

“Minors have got through sexual harrasments from adults who ought to protect them. It is sad that a 50year old man could want to have carnal knowledge of a child.

“The government should help us tackle this menace, and rid our society of despicable characters, because, it doesn’t boost the moral of a child who has been a victim.

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“Members of the public owe us a duty as children, to protect us, and not villify kids, because, we are growing, and we only learn from what we experience in the society,” Queen Biobele said.

Rivers State born kid model, also stated that, she is aiming at becoming a super model in future.

Bioele said since she won the little miss Damsel Nigeria 2020, she has had lots of encouragements from top models.

Biobele who hails from Kalabari Buguma, Asari ‐ Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State, added: “It is not something you sleep or lie low, if you want to break even, and be a success in the industry.

“I am a child, with much prospects in the entertainment sector. If I keep doing my best, I’ll create an upset in the modelling industry.

“Top Entertainers have been encouraging me to stay focused and not be distracted. Combining academics with modelling, is a huge task.”

Biobele who was recently crowned little miss Damsel Nigeria 2020, said, “I am working daily, to ensure that I emerge the best wherever I find myself.”

“I hope that I’ll win more awards and sign on for top brands, and also win modelling competitions and bring back honours to my family, my state and the Country, Biobele stated,” she added.

The Model and Little Miss Damsel Nigeria crowned princess, Queen Biobele Longjohn, also said her Dad, Mr. Mkpaka Longjohn remains her biggest fan till date, as sje appreciated him for his support so far.

The Rivers State Born Model said, her Dad is a source of inspiration, and with him, you get the zeal and commitment to getting your task done easily.

She continued: “My Modelling Manager, Mr Frank Obia, has been wonderful and negotiates endorsement deals on my behalf, because I am still a child.

“We are a bonded family, and I currently attend a High school with a penchant for modelling and philanthropy.”

One would wonder how she developed a liking for modeling and influence at such a young age, this is not far-fetched as “she is born into a family that is nurturing and quite receptive to her many special talents,” the father said.

“Queen has grown into such great personality, and we are not surprised at how far she has come, because she has always shown greatness in her activities.

“I have also encouraged her, to be a great woman, and bring more pride to our family,” Mr. Longjohn stated.

The Beauty kid also opened up on the role her mum has played in her life, and how she became a role model.

In a post on her social media page, @littlemissdamselnigeri, Biobele said, “Mrs Patience Mpakaboari Longjohn is a definition of a mother and a role model people look out for.”

The Rivers State Born beauty queen also said, apart from caring for her kids, her mum looks out for almost everyone who comes around her.

“Over the years, she has mentored people who are well placed in the society today. I count myself fortunate to be her daughter, and to be modeled by her.

“When I dreamt of modeling, mum kept praying for me, and urged me never to relent in my efforts, that every dream begins with the right step.

“She is an embodiment of encouragement, that is why I love my mum. She has mentored me to keep believing in myself,


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