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DC-23 Screening Is Against Our Slogan Of Where Okowa Goes We Go



My opposition to the screening of aspirants by DC23 has been as constant as the northern star and it remains as strong today as it ever was.

I predicted what would happen if this exercise continued and In few days time I will be proved right . It will be two aspirants from Ughelli Axis and 1 from Osu federal constituency Dazzol

I have spoken and written more than anyone else in Delta state over the last 2 years about the associated injustice and marginalisation of the People of Osu federal constituency and the Inequality,tyranny, wickedness, evil, Injustice and insensitivity of not listening to their genuine agitation by our brothers from Delta central.

I have spoken up for the weak, the poor, the oppressed, the deprived, the voiceless and the persecuted across ethnic, religious and party lines. And I have done all this right under the noses of those in power and not from distant shores or foreign land.

I have also suffered more, lost more, been humiliated more, been persecuted more, been misunderstood more been insulted more than most people from Osu federal constituency for my unrelenting opposition to leaders from the Urhobo for not looking into the beauty of our argunents as they ought to do

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We attended the get together party organised by Delta Political Vanguard where the slogan “Where Okowa go we go ” was unanimously adopted by critical stakeholders in Delta politics . The Chairman of the group Hon Micheal Diden was emphatic when he said they have met with all stakeholders including DC23 and they also agree to adhere to the decision of His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi okowa. up till this very moment nobody has come forward to dispute that fact.

I find it extremely hypocritical and self serving to continue the screening exercise by DC 23 despite public outcry against such move because you cant in one breadth say ‘where Okowa go you go and also present a candidate for him in another breadth”. that in itself is turning logic on its head.

We the people of Osu federal constituency fully support and believe in the ability of His Exellency Dr Ifeanyi Okowa to do justice to all manner of men no matter whose OX is gored and we believe that at last he will look into the merits and beauty of our argument and give us justice

May I remind all that our struggle is for the people of Osu federal constituency to produce the Governor and not to screen and present a particular aspirant to the powers that be. As noble as this mission our agitation to some, now counts for nothing and that is to be expected. God alone vindicates and rewards and posterity and history will judge us all by what we did and said when evil darkened the land and the oppressors held away. Thankfully we cannot be defined by the words and reasoning of mere mortals and shallow men. May his name be praised

What lies ahead for OSU federal constituency if we dont get it right come 2023 is frightful , demoralising, oppressive and chilling .

What makes it worse is that most of our leaders from Osu federal constituency are hiding in thier bunker and has refused to step out and offer direction or provide strong and purposeful leadership towards our collective aspirations as a people

Sadly the next few weeks leading to the unveiling of who will Govern Delta state will be difficult, harsh, unpredictable, unstable, Unfathomable for Deltans most especially for the people of OSU federal constituency.

A lot believes as long as we are all one united urhobo we should forever accept the fact that we are born to be ruled .

The only saving grace is that God who still reign supreme in the affairs of men , and not any man, shall eventually deliver us. That is my hope and my prayer.

Meanwhile those that doubt my commitment to the struggle and to the resistance simply because of my validation to all Osu Governorship aspirants during the Agbor get together organised by DPV are entitled to their opinion and are free to stop reading my contributions and commentaries.

The last thing I need is validation from any man. Why would I crave for that when I have the love of God? The ancient of days and the bright and morning star .

Regardless of their disposition towards me I will continue to hold on to my views and express them.

I owe myself, my God and my nation that much if nothing else. I wish you all well and God bless all men of goodwill. Shalom.

My name is
Sanco Ese
Gods Pen of intervention


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