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Giama Remains The Authentic Chairman In Delta State — CDHR Authority



By Oguns Sammy (Warri)

Following the alleged claim by one Mr Ederiese A.Peter in media publications that he is the Chairman, Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, Delta State branch, the authority of CDHR, Delta State branch headed by Comrade Jonathan Giama has said Mr. Ederiese A. Peter never contested any election of the body with the present Chairman let alone to emerge as the Chairman.

The body therefore asked the general public to disregard the claim of Mr Ederiese A. Peter as it is false.

In a press release signed by the pressent Chairman, Comrade Jonathan Giama and Secretary, Comrade Hon. (Engr) Okwokenye Charles and made available to news men in Warri, the body said Comrade Jonathan Giama is the authentic Chairman of CDHR.

The body said the 75 years old man never signified interest to contest the position of Chairmanship of the body in 2020 before it was postponed.

Part of the release reads thus: “It was on records of the branch that Mr Ederiese A. Peter who is about 75 years of age ..did not contest for the position of chairmanship in the year 2020 before the election was postponed”.

The body added that the branch comprised of six units when the election was conducted by the branch coordinator’s committee and Comrade Jonathan Giama was the winner of that auspicious election.

Going memory lane, the body said Mr Ederiese A Peter, no doubt had held some positions in Comrade Barrister Ikimi, Barrister Orogbo Benedit leaders and Comrade Kehinde Prince Taiga as treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman Displinary Committee respectively.

It said when Comrade Barrister Orogbo Benedit was handing over, Mr Ederiese A Peter and Comrade Kehinde Prince Taiga contested for the position of the Chairmanship and Mr. Ederiese A. Peter lost to Comrade Kehinde Prince Taiga.

It added that the second regime of Comrade Taiga, Mr Ederiese A Peter was appointed out of pity as Chairman of Displinary Committee.

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The body said the election which brought Comrade Jonathan Giama to power as Chairman of CDHR also saw the Unit Mr Ederiese A Peter belongs to also voting for Comrade Jonathan Giama.

The body said Mr. Ederiese A Peter has always been at the antagonising side as after the election, he allegedly sent his group to attack Comrade Jonathan Giama in his office but failed in their mission as the Chairman was not around.

It said against this background, the matter was reported in Police Area Command Warri and they(Ederiese A Peter and his group) were not only restricted from attacking the secretariat but asked to go to a court of competent jurisdiction to challenge the election.

It said, rather than go to court, they formed a parallel office.

It reads thus: “After the election, Mr Ederiese A Peter and his group came to attack him in the office but he was nit in the office”.

The body said Comrade Jonathan Giama has always extended the hand of fellowship to. Mr. Ederiese A. Peter his group instead of attacking them thinking, they would realise their wrong doings and repent adding instead of repenting, he(Ederiese ) has continued to parade himself as Chairman of CDHR, Delta State branch.

The body said for avoidance of doubt on this matter, CDHR National Body has taken Comrade (Dr) Barrister Osagie Obayuwana and his group to court for interpretation of the organization’s constitution.

The body said Mr. Ederiese A Peter who is a Pastor and Elder in the Winner Chapel Udu/Owhase branch should stop formenting trouble as he is allegedly known for trouble by nature just as the body still asked him to go to court to seek justice if any instead of misleading the public with his online media and other publications.


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