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OPINION: UHS Backing Of UPU’s Unpopular Endorsement Of David Edevbie As Next Delta Governor



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I had my suspicion when the Urhobo Historical Society (UHS) feigned prolonged indifference to the divisive, inciting, partisan, indefensible and very unpopular Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) endorsement of snobby David Edevbie, the evasive appendage of disgraceful, Chief James Ibori, as Urhobo consensus choice of 2023 governor of Delta state.

I am not surprised, one bit, that the UHS has woken from its pretentious indifference and spoken with the predictable backing for the nuisance the Olorogun Moses Taiga led UPU had constituted to the Urhobo nation by their willful abuse of office.

Like Taiga’s UHS leadership failed to betray the strong indications that the David Edevbie’s endorsement had their backing even before Taiga published to the public. The Urhobo Historical Society (UHS) Secretary who signed the vote of confidence on Moses Taiga against the widespread condemnation for his controversial endorsement is Engr Andrew Edevbie, a close interested party.

How would anyone expect a UHS that has degenerated into PDP partisan politics to kick against David Edevbie’s endorsement with the favoured aspirant as blood uncle of the UHS Secretary.

Like I noted in my opening feeling on the UHS vote of confidence on Edevbie, their predictable position surprises me no bit. What actually amazes me in the UHS statement in the most disappointing is the attempt to be judgemental against dissent to the divisive endorsement.

In the UHS unambiguous ruling, Olorogun Moses Taiga, whether unguarded in his utterances or shamelessly abuses his power as a UPU President General, must be seen to be right, infallible all the time. Anyone who therefore questions his actions and inactions, rightly so, is automatically an enemy who doesn’t mean well for the Urhobo people of the Delta Central. Any dissent to Moses Taiga’s dishonourble leadership is rubbishing UPU and tarnishing the Urhobo nation.

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I dare differ. Under Olorogun Moses Taiga, UPU has lost its reputation. Under Olorogun Moses Taiga, UPU has been so partisan that it became the loudest voice to sing praises of a failed Okowa administration that has been so clannish to the neglect of the majority Urhobo ethnic nationality in Delta state.

Under Moses Taiga, UPU had its image so battered that Urhobo that is supposed to be calling the shots as majority ethnic group in Delta power sharing equation has become relegated like the most minority. UPU has lost its pride of place in Delta. And the shambolic endorsement of Edevbie who is not in touch with Urhobo, who has been integral to the sustained pillaging of the commonwealth is actually the height of the nuisance Taiga and co have constituted in office.

Consequently it is not those who can’t stomach the willful failure of UPU with the drift into partisan politics that are bringing Urhobo into disrepute. Rather, the dissents, the few who are bold and objective in calling reckless Taiga to order are those who mean well. This should be a lesson to all other Urhobos that will be elected as President-General of UPU, not to act as if UPU is a political party.

UPU had no business endorsing aspirants. Even Amori’s self serving DC-23 of card carrying PDP clique understood how sensitive the issue of endorsement can be that it could prune its aspirants beyond the last three. UPU should have called for level playing field, advocate the aspirants to, themselves build consensus, and allow the political parties to sort themselves out on who to be choice of their respective platforms.

By the warped criteria with which UPU came about the consensus on Edevbie, that the petty action by Taiga and co attracted widespread condemnation across Urhobo land underscored how narrow-minded their decision sounded to ears of Urhobos.

Taiga and his EXCO don’t own UPU
They should have consulted widely before going public on the petty endorsement. If they did they would realise and recanted on the folly of their action. UPU has lost so much of its reputation because the present crops of UPU leadership are desperate for money to sustain their deep appetite for highlife.

I am as much ashamed of the UHS that it has also been so debased and derailed by the present crop of leaders from the ideals and objectives for which Prof Peter Eke foundered it. I can’t imagine Prof Eke giving thought to it, talk much of indulging in public endorsement of party candidates to run for governorship.

As I said previously, there is nothing to gain or lose identifying with UHS or being alienated by its leadership, that is under the present dispensation. Recognised or ignored, I will continue to praise good conduct and condemn reprehensible attitudes among Urhobo leaders, no matter whose ox is gored. There are several other platforms when one can ventilate his thoughts and opinion for the growth of Urhobo.

Again, I weep for UPU, weep for UHS, I weep for the soul of Prof Eke.
Zik Gbemre
May 15,2022

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