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Delta 2023: To Remain Relevant, Ogboru Should Not Run But Try To Be A King Maker (OPINION)



By Bezi Ighotegwolor

It is no hype that Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru is a crowd puller any day anytime in Delta Central. It is not also a hype that through his popularity in Delta Central many have been able to win Elections to various positions of power in the the State. But in all these there are a lot of setbacks to his own ambition of becoming the Governor of Delta State.

In his first outing he contested against the then incumbent governor James Onanefe Ibori and lost; many said it was through the powerful rigging machine of the PDP then. He later contested against Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan three times and again lost out. Twice against incumbent Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and lost.

With all these loss those who ran on the same platforms with him for other positions won their elections convincingly making the story of massive rigging sound plausible.

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Yes,Ogboru may have been rigged out all these times but the last one I do not believe he was rigged nor sold out as many of his staunch followers are wont to say. The last General Elections brought out the defect in the plannings of the Ogboru political family. Manu who stand with him are sychophants who are not ready to let the man see the reality of life in terms of politics. While we were strategizing on how the party could clinch the coveted seat others were just at his home hyping victory instead of going to the field.

Ogboru’s choice of a running mate for that election caused his failure. While we were thinking he would pick one of the Delta North contestants like Cairo Ojuogbo; Victor Ochei he went to pick an unknown person who could not win his polling unit. How does he expect to win in that kind of scenario.

Those who had ran earlier in the Local Government Area election who were believed to have a level of popularity in their locality volunteered to work to ensure victory in their wards. But that Ogboru should empower them to deliver. Ogboru ignored them and went to his old cronies who told him the Councilorship candidates could not win their elections and therefore would not be of any value. He took that advise and refused to see the group. The group went home to sleep after the Presidential and National Assembly elections. Ogboru paid the price of not listening to good advice. I have many more to list but I will stop here for the now.

Now, he has defected to APGA with the intention to run, once again for the coveted seat of Delta State Governor. This is desperation taken too far. I want to advise him for free that he should not run this year. He should go home, sit down and reflect on the years he has waisted running for this seat and losing. He will see that if he runs this year it will be the year of his greatest humiliation. Therefore, to remain relevant, he should not run but try to be a King Maker.

My one penny advise.


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