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Parents Must Priotise Giving Attention To Their Children Over Making Money –Uvwie NAPPS Chairman



Parents Must Priotise Giving Attention To Their Children Over Making Money --Uvwie NAPPS Chairman
Mrs. Rose Obi

By Daniel Dafe

Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS, Uvwie Chapter, Delta State and Executive Director, City Child Foundation Schools, Mrs. Rose Obi, has said that parents must priotise paying attention to their children over pursuing money to make ends meet.

The outspoken school owner gave this advice during a major children’s event in Warri recently.

Responding to questions from journalists, she added: “Children are the leaders of tomorrow and so, if we really want our tomorrow to be good, we need to celebrate and care for our children. Children’s day is celebrated all over the world though not the same day but all over the world children are given their place. So, we need to share a special time with them hence we hosted this event for them.”

Continuing, she said the theme “Save the Nigerian Child” was picked because “children are the most vulnerable in the society,” saying that they “realised that most parents have neglected their children; they have left their children and the common thing they say is that they are in pursuit of money to make ends meet.”

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She wondered why many parents “have forgotten that they are to make ends meet so that they can provide for their children.”

“So making ends meet at the expense of properly raising your children should be spoken against,” she averred.

According to her, “two important things parents must give their children are roots/ foundation to build and grow and wings to fly.”

“Children are like flowers. When flowers are growing we don’t allow them to grow wild; as they growing we trim them. Likewise, parents should help keep their children on track because that is their major role as parents,” she said.

To the children, she urged them “to be obedient, loving and caring while their parents play their roles by taking good care of them.”


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