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59th Birth Anniversary: Kingsley Otuaro Greets Monday Onyeme



59th Birth Anniversary: Kingsley Otuaro Greets Monday Onyeme

Former Deputy Governor of Delta State, H.E. Dcn. Kingsley B. Otuaro, Esq., has congratulated his successor, Chief Sir Monday Onyeme, as he celebrates his 59th birthday, saying it is a momentous occasion in his life.

In a statement, Otuaro praises Chief Sir Monday Onyeme’s appointment as Deputy Governor, viewing it as a significant milestone that dignifies governance in Delta State and promises further advancement for the state.

He expresses optimism for Chief Sir Monday Onyeme’s future, wishing him happiness, good health, and resilience, and underscoring his potential to bring about enduring, positive transformations in Delta State.

Otuaro said, “On this auspicious day marking the anniversary of your birth, I, your predecessor, convey the most resplendent wishes for joy and fulfillment. Your elevation to the role of Deputy Governor of Delta State has infused our governance with dignity and has been a harbinger of further distinction for our State

“Your relentless pursuit of our collective objectives under the M.O.R.E. Agenda alongside our distinguished Governor, stands as a paragon of civic virtue. Your acumen, tenacity, and forward-thinking approach are a needed support upon which the aspirations of a more prosperous Delta State rest.

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“May this new age unfurl for you a tapestry of happiness, robust wellness, and the unyielding strength necessary to effect lasting, positive impact on our society.

“Looking forward with optimism to the fruits that your tenure as Deputy Governor will bear, I foresee many years ahead filled with both personal joy and professional triumphs. Revel in the pleasures of today with the fullness it is due.


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