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Soludo Congratulates Christians On Easter, Enjoins All To Embrace New Hope For A Better Nigeria



Soludo Congratulates Christians On Easter, Enjoins All To Embrace New Hope For A Better Nigeria

By Daniel Dafe

As Christians in Anambra State and Nigeria join others in the Christendom all over the world to joyously celebrate this year’s Easter, Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has extended his congratulatory greetings to all Nigerians, praying that this season of renewal brings hope, joy, and the blessings of peace to every family and the nation.

In his goodwill message, Governor Soludo affirms that Easter is a time of reflection and transformation, reminding us of the profound lessons of love, selflessness, sacrifice, resilience, compassion and renewal embodied by Jesus Christ.

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A statement by his Press Secretary, Christian Aburime, added: “This season symbolises the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair, and love over fear. As we commemorate this sacred occasion, let us draw inspiration from the teachings of Christ to foster unity, compassion, and goodwill in our communities and Nigeria.”

In addition, the governor enjoined Ndi Anambra and all Nigerians to rededicate themselves to the noble task of nation-building.

He said further: “Together, let us strive to create a Nigeria where justice, equality, and prosperity flourish for all. Let us embrace the values of honesty, integrity, and solidarity as we work towards a brighter future for our beloved country.

“Let Nigerians harness the spirit of Easter to uplift the vulnerable, to empower the marginalised, and to build bridges of understanding and reconciliation.

“Together, we can overcome present challenges, transcend any obstacle, and realise the boundless potential of our great nation.”

Governor Soludo further reassured of his stronger commitment to leading Anambra State on a path of renewal, progress and transformation, serving with empathy, selflessness, sacrifice and accountability.

In all, the Governor wished all a blessed and joyful Easter, and prayed that the spirit of Easter fills everyone’s hearts with hope and love, and our lives with peace and abundance.


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