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Kokori: Okada Rider Leaves Woman’s Arm Dislocated After Punching Her With Charm Over Price Palaver



Tragedy struck last week Friday at Kokori when an Okada rider left a woman’s hand dislocated after allegedly punching her with a charm.

The woman who gave her name as Gift while narrating her story to journalists said that she had left Sapele for Kokori town last week Friday to attend her late grandmother’s burial ceremony when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Speaking accordingly, lady Gift said: “I was at the burial venue attending to guest when I saw my little nephew running towards the back kitchen and a man whom I later discovered was an Okada rider was running after him. I immediately left what I was doing and chased after them.”

Continuing she said: “I saw the man holding on to my nephew’s collar and trying to suffocate him. I held his shirt and pleaded with him to leave the little boy, with great difficulty he removed his hands from my nephew’s collar. I immediately inquired from my nephew what had transpired between him and the said man. He told me that he had boarded the bike from the junction to the burial venue for an agreed price of three hundred naira, but unfortunately before they could get to the venue the bike stopped at the road, and he immediately alighted down from the bike. The Okada rider immediately told him that something had gone wrong with the bike and it would take him sometime to fix it. He told him he won’t be able to wait for him, because he is going for my late grandmother’s burial. Then you will have to pay me my money in full the Okada man told him, but he said he hasn’t reached his destination and he will just board another bike and give him half of the agreed initial amount. I immediately gave him one hundred and fifty naira from the three hundred naira he charged initially, but he rejected it insisting that he wants the money to be full. He immediately took another bike and he took another bike as well and chased after me, my nephew narrated to me.

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According to her, she tried to settle the dispute between the Okada rider and her nephew when the Okada rider brought out something from his pocket made some incantations and was about to hit her nephew when she pushed him away, but unfortunately the punch meant for her nephew landed on her right arms. I could feel something walking inside inside my arms immediately as it twisted backward, the pains was excruciating and I immediately began to shout for help, but the Okada man ran away when he saw people running towards our direction. I couldn’t move my hands and within seconds my hands was swollen, those who saw him from behind as he ran away said he was a popular cement carrier, others said he was known for his “blow and fall” charms.

“I have been in pains since the incident occurred and all efforts to treat the hand has been proving abortive. Those treating my arm said that, I would have to look for the Okada rider to blow the hand once again to enable him undo the charms that entered my arms when he first punched me. I decided to approach the media to assist me by telling my story. If there is anyone who has useful information about the whereabouts of the Okada man or anyway to treat blow and fall charms, please kindly tell me. I am in pains and it feels like something is moving inside my arms every minute,” she added.


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