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LASU: Moses Akanbi Emerges New Dean Faculty Of Science



LASU: Moses Akanbi Emerges New Dean Faculty Of Science

Prof. Moses Adebowale Akanbi, an esteemed Professor of Mathematics, has been elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Lagos State University, LASU.

The election took place on Monday, 22nd January 2024, at the Conference Hall of the new Faculty of Science Complex.

With an impressive total of sixty-seven (67) votes, Prof. Akanbi emerged as the clear winner, surpassing his closest contender, Prof. R.A. Olowu from the Department of Chemistry, who received fifty-five (55) votes. Prof. O. D. Oladimeji from the Department of Biochemistry secured twenty-five (25) votes during the election process.

As the newly-elected Dean, Prof. M.A. Akanbi is anticipated to bring his wealth of knowledge and leadership capabilities to drive advancements and foster excellence within the Faculty of Science.


Professor Moses Adebowale AKANBI was born on March 21, 1971, in Isashi Town, Lagos State. He attended Local Authority Primary School, Isashi, and Ajangbadi High School, Ajangbadi, both in Ojo LGA of Lagos State.

He started his career at the Lagos State University, Faculty of Science, first as a Laboratory Assistant in the Chemistry Laboratory, in the then Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences. Then with the characteristic “can-do” spirit that permeates the faculty and determination to extend his knowledge frontier, he enrolled and graduated from the Lagos State University, Faculty of Science, Physical and Mathematical Sciences; now, Department of Mathematics in 1994/1995 academic session, with B.Sc. Mathematics. His M.Sc. was obtained from the University of Lagos in 1998, while his PGD in Computer Science and Ph.D. Mathematics was obtained from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He went on to the University of Western Cape, Cape Town, in South Africa for his Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2011. He rose through the ranks to become a professor in 2016.

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Over the years, Professor Akanbi has excelled in several areas such as, but not limited to:

Academic Excellence: Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to promoting academic excellence. As a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Lagos State University, he has consistently delivered high-quality teaching and research, ensuring that students receive a rigorous and comprehensive education in mathematics and related fields. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his numerous publications.

Research Advancements: He has made significant contributions to the field of computational mathematics, particularly in the development of variants of Runge-Kutta (RK) methods. These methods have advanced the accuracy and stability of numerical solutions for initial value problems, enabling more efficient and reliable computations.

Innovation in Automation: He has actively participated in pioneering automation projects that have enhanced administrative processes and student services at Lagos State University. He has developed software packages such as the Automated Students’ Results Package (ASRP), Students’ Total Records Application (e-STRAPP), and the Automated Mark Sheet (AMS). These innovations have streamlined academic processes, improved efficiency, and provided accurate and timely information to students and staff.

Supervision and Mentorship: As an academic leader, He has demonstrated a strong commitment to mentoring and supervising students. He has supervised numerous Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, providing them with guidance, support, and opportunities to develop their research skills. Many of his mentees have successfully completed their degrees and have gone on to make valuable contributions to their respective fields, including LASU.

Administrative Leadership: He has held various administrative and managerial positions within the university. In these roles, he effectively managed academic programs, chaired committees, and provided strategic leadership. His experience as the Director of the defunct LASU Integrated Data Centre (LIDC) and a member of the ICT Advisory Committee showcased his ability to leverage technology for the benefit of the university community.

Collaborations and External Engagements: He has actively engaged in collaborations with other institutions, both nationally and internationally. He has served as a visiting professor at the African University of Science and Technology and the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.

Additionally, he has contributed as an external assessor and examiner for doctoral candidates at various universities, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining high academic standards and fostering collaboration across institutions.

He is married and blessed with children; biological, foster, and spiritual.

He takes over from Prof. Shehu Akintola as Dean for a period of two (2) years.


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