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Tinubu Globetrotting For FDI: Which Nation Will Take Him Serious?



President Tinubu Pledges To Consider National Living Wage Over Minimum Wage

The video of Audu Ogbe has revealed it all. We should blame the supposed Nigerian leaders who rely on the West and other foreign countries to do for us what we can do for ourselves. Is it not shameful that President Tinubu is busy globetrotting for nothing?

Paul Kagame of Rwanda is busy comfortably at home developing his country from home grown policies and solutions while Bola Ahmed Tinubu is busy begging for favour here and there from Western and Asian leaders for Foreign Direct Investments. Who investor will take his serious?

Few months ago Tinubu was in India to woo Indian investors and few weeks ago he was in Qatar to attend business meetings. Who will take President Tinubu serious? Of course, Nobody.

Who will like to invest in a hostile environment where people are being killed and school children are being kidnapped for ransom? Who will like to invest in a country where police officers and soldiers are being killed?

Who will like to invest in a country where a remote community of Okuama in Ughelli South LGA of Delta state is being exterminated by the Nigerian military?

Who will like to invest in a country where police roles are taken over by military? Who will like to
invest in Nigeria when there is no rule of Law?

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Doing business in Nigeria is hectic to survive. You need your generators that you fuel with the high cost of diesel. Insecurity is high.

Even the police and military officers are not safe. Few days ago we heard of kidnapped school children in Bornu and Kaduna state. Some Christians were murdered in Plateau state on Christmas Eve.

Every day we hear of Fulani herdsmen kilings. Few weeks ago we heard of police officers being killed in Ohoror and Agadama, Uwherun in Ughelli North LGA by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

If the police are not safe then who is safe in Nigeria? How do you expect foreign investors to move in with their investments when Nigeria is not safe. Investors are lobbying Paul Kagame to invest in Rwanda because Rwanda is safe for business and people to live in.

No investor is willing to move into Nigeria with their expatriates because of the high cost of insurance they will pay to insure the foreign staff doing business in Nigeria for fear of being harmed. Going to Nigeria to do business is on red alert for foreigners.

Tinubu is just wasting his energy and time, wasting Nigeria’s money lobbying investors that will not take him seriously. Most countries have their embassies/ambassadors in Nigeria and they report the security situation to their countries.

Tinubu should stop all these foreign trips and concentrate on good governance and improve on the economy rather than parading the Asian and Western countries.
As said by Audu Ogbe that most foreign countries are not happy if we stop importation of goods. Is it not crazy that Nigeria imports refined fuels?

Nigeria has no reason to import refined fuels. What stops the federal government from giving matching order for oil companies to refined 50% of crude oil/condensate they produce? Tinubu should stop depending on Asian and western countries on what we can do for ourselves.

Stop nepotism. Stop tribalism. Stop bribery. Engage competent people with capacity to work to deliver but when you base appointments on tribalism, nepotism, bribery, you gain nothing in return. The developed countries are looking for competent people who can deliver and not people who can receive bribes.

Serious minded people and not based on ‘accumulated worthless beautiful degrees/diplomas’.The Nigerian leaders need honest people with wisdom, knowledge and deep thoughts that can work to deliver.

_*Zik Gbemre*_
_*April 6,2024*_

_*We Mobilize Others To Fight For Individual Causes As If Those Were Our Causes*_


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