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TAJ 4 DTHA, SAPELE CONSTITUENCY: Politics Should Be Seen As A Vehicle For Change, …— Tuedor



-Says, He Represents The New Dawn
Barr. Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson, TAJ for short, is a bright mind that has a clear vision of what he seeks to accomplish for his people in Sapele if he is given the opportunity to serve as lawmaker representing the area.
In this interview with Daniel Dafe Umukoro, Publisher, Oasis Magazine (OM), he speaks about the reasons why he is vying for a seat in Delta State House of Assembly, as he punched holes in arguments that he stands no chance since heavy gladiators in the area have indicated interest in the race also.
Read his thoughts in this exclusive interview.
What prompted the decision to vie for the House of Assembly seat to represent your people?
It is the drive to make a change in the polity. The name “politician” is now synonymous with trickery, greed and dodginess. It was Aristotle who said that “…..we cannot leave politics for politicians alone; professionals have to come in.” I am also backed up with the saying that “evil men rule when good men sit down and do nothing.” So, putting a square peg in a square hole, it ought to be a lawyer’s position to attain the seat of the DTHA whose main aim is the creation of laws for the betterment of the people.
What experiences are you relying on to effectively represent the people?
I come from a family of lawyers, and I am a legal practitioner myself inter alios. I had in my university days being in the parliament which is no different from the DTHA. The experience I will be relying on is basically borne from the course called Legal Drafting which should be a must-know for all who seek to represent their people in the house. The importance of the legal profession in the representation of people in the DTHA cannot be over-emphasised. I was opportuned to meet a lot of DTHA members who, over the years, had to come back to read Law after having been professionals in other fields while I was in the university. So indeed, what I bring to the table is not only paramount, but also a game changer.

What areas would you say Sapele is lagging behind?
The time for talking or saying is over. Politicians keep repeating the same promises of tarring roads, providing good water, building schools and creating educational awareness when in fact, schools are neither built but renovated, roads, if tarred, tend to fall apart a few years later because of fake materials, promises being made are never kept and Sapele is no stranger to these. What I seek to do is to step it up a notch and create brilliant ideas that will bring about an innovation, sponsor bills in the House to create a legacy which can never be eroded by time but will cement one’s name in the annals of history. We lag behind in not just roads, light, schools, but as well as in the areas of unemployment, hindsight and foresight, creative awareness and IT awareness for the young in order to build a sustainable future for years to come. I believe that I have the technical know-how to bring it to fruition.
Do you feel threatened when you hear that big names are jostling for this position in Sapele?
Threatened? No. They should feel threatened about me. I am the new breed, the change for the better, the representative of the repressed and suppressed, the defender of the youth and all things anew. I represent a new dawn and we all know the trite truth here that nothing lasts forever; no champion is forever, because change is constant and evolution is a gradual process. No, I do not feel threatened at all. It will be a wonderful and victorious experience if you ask me.
Our readers will like to know what your political philosophy is.
My political philosophy is that man is created to live a legacy and if one is given a position to represent one’s people, then the needs of the people should be paramount. We will not be remembered for the wealth that we amass but for the impact we make in the lives of others and humans in general. Politics should be seen as a vehicle for change, a windmill of new opportunities and a seat which should only be saddled by those who are ready to serve; not those who wish to rule and commit to a politics of cut-throat struggle for power. My political philosophy adheres to the principles of equity, good governance, fairness and the creation of legacy projects. Finally, gone are the days when the youth should be scared to take up the mantle. This is a perfect case of not too young to lead. I am already in my late thirties, a perfect age to even rule a country as seen in the French and Canadian leaders. It is a time for fresh ideas and not for old hands with zero knowledge of the law. This is not a time for ex this and ex that, former SA or PA. It is time to infuse new blood and the right youthful representation to take us to the next level. I represent that new class, viable and capable. This is the dawn of a new era and destiny beckons.


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