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Senate Spokesperson Says Social Media Bill Still At Committee Stage



The Senate has debunked news making the rounds that lawmakers were desperate to pass the social media bill rejected by Nigerians stating that it was still at the committee stage.

According to the Spokesperson for the Nigerian Senate, Ajibola Basiru the committee in charge of the social media bill has not presented it’s recommendations for debate on the floor of the Senate Chambers.

He said the news making the rounds about the determination of the Senate to fast track the bill was fake news and an attempt to bring the Senate to ridicule.

Ajibola who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Publicity Affairs said: “This report is yet another example of irresponsibility taken too far as there has not been any recommendation for passage of the bill by the Senate.

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“It should be a common knowledge by all that the Senate conducts its sittings in the open and matters for consideration are well-laid out and, therefore, would not require anyone’s investigation to ‘dig’ out what the Senate would do.

The relevant committee of the Senate has not submitted its report for the bill to be passed at all or surreptitiously as claimed.

“We will not allow unscrupulous writers to denigrate the Senate and ridicule the great work that is on-going.”

(The Herald)

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