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DTSG Assures Of Addressing Destroyed Facilities At Warri Correctional Centre



Deputy Governor of Delta State, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro

The Deputy Governor of Delta State, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro, has assured Nigerians that the government of Delta State led by Senator Ifeanyi Okowa have put in place remedial measures at the Okere-Warri Correctional Centre destroyed by hoodlums in the wake of the recent EndSars protest.

Deacon Otuaro who was conducted round the almost completely burnt Okere-Warri Correctional Centre by the Deputy Comptroller of Prisons, Mr. Okonkwo Adimagbua, lamented the large scale destruction to the facilities built many years back.

The Deputy Governor maintained that after he watched the video clip of the burnt correctional centre, he never knew the extent of damage until now that he is personally visiting, assuring that the Delta State government has put in finishing touch to come to the rescue of the centre.

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Deacon Otuaro said ” It is quite disheartening for what I am seeing here today after going round the correctional centre here in Okere. This is a complete destruction of all the facilities meant for the inmates of this correctional centre. I can’t imagine this.”

“It is unthinkable, it is unimaginable given the fact that these facilities is meant to take care of the same people who are beneficiaries is unthinkable, “he lamented.

He appreciated men and women of the security agencies, the Deputy Comptroller of the Okere correctional centre and his staff for the highest level of professionalism they adopted in stopping the attempted jail break, appealing that this kind of unfortunate situation should not happen again.

He added, “We own it a duty to protect our institutions and structures, and on no circumstances for anybody to take the laws into his or her hands in destroying properties that are our own, collective efforts, collective heritage. It is quite unfair. It is quite touching ” He said.

He told the Deputy Comptroller that he has been an integral part of the Correctional Centre for over 14 years where he single handedly renovated the only Computer Centre in the centre and also positively affected the lives of inmates through the word of God and other humanitarian activities.

He encouraged the comptroller and his men to do their very best to government and humanity, assuring that if they continue in doing good, one day they will be richly rewarded by God almighty.

The Chairman of Warri South, Honourable Michael Tidi, who also fielded questions from journalists after the visitation, expressed dismay on the level of destruction to the facilities.

He remarked, “What I saw here is quite unimaginable I am saying this without reservation. I am speechless. We did not know the extent of damage until we have come now. So sad. ”

“I advocate for a participatory style of governance for all in the country. That is the way to go. Programmes of government must be tailored towards the needs of the people. The people we are leading today must be part and parcel of decision-making process,” he concluded.

The Deputy Comptroller of the Okere Correctional Centre, M. Adimagbua who conducted the deputy governor and his team round the facilities, said “When the hoodlums came on 22nd October, 2020, at first they thought it was the normal EndSars protest but before they could realise what was happening, it has resulted into full scale destruction of the facilities which aided the escape of 26 inmates out of the 1,007 seven inmates they have on ground before the intervention of relevant security operatives.”



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