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Nigerian Lady That Drank Bottles of Sniper Was Rejected By 2 Hospitals… But Her Condition Is Stable Now



Oge Obi in tears minutes before she drank the sniper.

A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Obi reportedly attempted suicide yesterday following some unfavourable circumstances that happened in her life recently.

According to her close allies, Oge Obidiebube reportedly attempted suicide following a fall out she had with her colleague, Kiki Mordi, a BBC journalist she worked with in a project about lecturers that sleep with female students for grades in Nigeria Universities.

But to her surprise, Kike Mordi was given all the praises and awards which were supposed to be shared between them.

She therefore chose the bitter option of ending her life than watching her colleague getting all the praises that are supposed to hers.

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Obi is said to have taken two bottles of rat poison which is popularly known as sniper, but fortunately for her, friends and families discovered the incident immediately and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

According to one of her close associates, Josh, Obi took two bottles of sniper after locking her door and they had to break the door to save her life.

She was then taken to a nearby hospital but they were rejected by two hospitals for unknown reason before she was finally accepted at the third one.

Josh added that Obi is in the emergency unit of the hospital but her condition is gradually improving and she is stable now.

She was given some antidotes by the doctors in the hospital to relieve her pain and she is responding to treatment.


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