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NDDC Board: Barrister Ogbofini Blasts IYC Leadership, Says They Are Deceiving Ijaw Nation




The National Deputy Director of Mobilization and the National Leader representing Abuja, Barrister Ogbofini Dennis, has lambasted some national executive members of Ijaw Youth Council IYC over the aborted protest by Ikaw youths.

Barr. Ogbofini said, some self centered National members of IYC thought they are the owners of the council and they think whatever they decide is final.

Recently, Barr. Ogbofini advised the leadership, stakeholders and youths of the region to be diplomatic and use intellectual means to handle the dealings of NDDC and other issues concerning the region.

In his earlier press statements, Barrister Ogbofini, said he does not support the planned protest. He also advised the IYC to wisely address the issue on ground.

“As National Deputy Director of Mobilization and the national leader representing Abuja in the National Exco, I am deviating from the said protest. Why? Because the Niger Delta region has been suffering from youth restiveness. Now that we are enjoying little joy from the oil companies and others, if we do that, the federal government will shift from the areas we are benefiting today. I expected the Ijaw youths to apply intellectual methodology to address issues”, Barrister Ogbofini stated.

Ogbofini in a statement signed advised the youths not to shut down the region due to the level of insecurity in the country.

According to him the protest could be hijacked by hoodlums.

He also noted that the one month ultimatum given by the IYC might put President Muhammadu Buhari in a stiff position.

“We should also consider that, giving such ultimatum amounts to armtwisting the President,” he added.

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In his statement, Barrister Ogbofini reiterated the need to rid the NDDC of corrupt persons and as a result of this, the commission needs to be audited.

In reacting to his earlier statements some National exco members and chapter leadership accused him of not supporting the cause of the region.

“Now it is a shame and big disgrace to the entire Ijaw National exco. Now our National Executive is divided into faction because of peanut due to their selfish interest. They came to Abuja negotiating with relevant authorities to sell out wells of the Ijaw people running from pilar to post.

“They deceived the Ijaw Nation by going home with fat envelope,” he opined.

Adding: “These are the same set of people calling me names, but now they came here to Abuja having secret meetings with the amnesty boss, I wasn’t informed, i was sidelined.

“They also made their way to meet with the Minister of Niger Delta, Sen. Akpabio and other top aides to the president. In all, I am not aware of the whole game; now who is the betrayal and selling the region out?”

He further said, “while their subjects are on the street protesting, the said national officers after collecting big brown envelopes are now calling for national convention when the president whereabout is unknown, kidnapped or abducted at that time.

“Who is the betrayal now? We should know that ijaw means truth,” he quizzed.


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