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Cultism: Asaba Now A Shadow Of Itself



In the year 1990, I can remember those days growing up, Asaba was fun, lively and hospitable, i grew up in this town called Asaba, back then at Akwubulu layout and Rapu Lane Cable Point Asaba. I went to Cathedral Primary School in the early 90″s before moving to Saint John’s Chrysostom Junior Seminary, Osina. It was fun going for extra mural classes at Ogbe-Afor Primary School during our holidays, of course the extra mural classes gave me the platform to associate with other students from various primary and secondary schools that till date we still have this bond of old times sake, all we ever did and love to do was watch Cables Point Nations cup always fixed during the August Break yearly and village matches fixed during Xmas holidays. We always watched masquerade at Cable Point during Xmas and Easter school holidays. We also happily and peacefully watched Ezeugbo and Ineh festival and Egwugwu (masquerade traditional festival). Then some of us always went for house parties with friends from other schools. We go to light house,Tonylinks and Planet night clubs. Asaba was a peaceful town. All we did was have fun, make guy (posing) and wait for our yankee friends and relatives to come back for annual Christmas. We were adolescently exposed, happy and we loved each other. Asaba was referred as Ahaba-America. How, where and when did we miss it and got it all wrong? All these were our beautiful memories of Asaba but today “CULTISM” has now divided us. Asaba is now a horrible place, land racketeering have overtaken education; prostitution and cultism are now the gold standard for being anything close to relevant?

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Politicians and their goons now use and exploit these ignorant youths without giving them a proper outlet. Nobody wants to go to school anymore because it doesn’t seem fashionable and they could easily join cultism on the streets. Even some person paraded by the police as kidnappers within 2 to 3 months they will be back to the streets from prison and even contact you to delete your publications about them on social media Police Press Statement.

The Government of Delta State needs to do more by encouraging industrilization and welfare system for these youths though we all know they lack the will power and do not care about the average Deltan because they politicize every platform to empower the youth, the job creation is a shadow of itself because. Delta State job creation is a scam. Those in the ghetto that actually need this are never reached out for to be engaged based on their choice area of vocation.
It’s a fraud, it’s a conduit pipe, help me ask them if they activated biometrics for database? That means one man can always enroll as many times as possible so long he has a godfather in PDP. PEOPLE DECEIVING PEOPLE (PDP), not until this biometric is applied for admission and these poorest of the poor involved in massive recruitment into learning of vocational skills as against admitting a handful, the Delta State JOB CREATION will always be a SCAM. The youths needs empowerment, welfare and employment because idleness is among the factors that lead to CULTISM. Asaba youths must evolve and reorient themselves or else that town will always be faced with this same quagmire periodically.

Comrade Victor Ojei *(WongBox)*
P.R.O of Delta State Coalition of Civil Societies NGO’s and Media on covid-19 TASKFORCE.


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