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NDDC Looters: Why I Won’t Take President Buhari’s Threat Serious



Zik Gbemre

President Buhari’s outburst is not strange. It is expected that those who loot NDDC be dealt with. Nobody needs a presidential outburst to do the needful.

Now you ask yourself, those indicted, has the President demonstrated even the will to expose and publish their names? Has he honoured Nigerians’ wish that he publishes the content of the forensic audit? Those indicted have been kept secret.

How can Buhari be taken seriously in a mere outburst? First, he should publish those indicted, so we know enemies of the Niger Delta. It’s not enough to threaten to deal with them. Who are those people, the contractors, the commission officials or government power brokers that colluded to loot NDDC?

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People approved and paid for contracts not executed. The looting is always a conspiracy involving internal actors collaborating with contractors. Up till now, no name has been mentioned, extracted from the audit report and published.

I think for the President, talk has become so cheap. He raises threats, makes promises, he does not fulfill. The President knows what to do. We don’t need his outburst.

It is not enough to indict one board, sack it and bring in another set. The next minutes they are accused of the same corruption again, because the depraved NDDC staff corrupts the board members. Nobody gets punished, so what is the value of the outburst.

It’s time we told Buhari the truth. We don’t need his outburst. It’s not his place to punish looters. He should not arrogate to himself the role of the judiciary. His duty is to publish the forensic audit, present indicted persons to the judiciary to prosecute. Because he is failing to play his part, he’s actually comprising the prosecution of the indicted persons. He can’t be taken seriously on mere outburst or threat without action to punish looters of NDDC.

Zik Gbemre
January 4, 2022


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