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PRESS STATEMENT: The Greater Delta Initiative, GDI



The Greater Delta Initiative, GDI is an initiative of well meaning Deltans home and abroad, from all walks of life who are totally disappointed with the Social infrastructural and economic development of the state over the years and are poised to contribute to making a positive change through mass mobilisation and enlightenment geared toward improving citizenry participation in the electoral process.

The conveners understand clearly that for Delta State to achieve its true potentials, it will take the emergence of a leader not just with a bold vision to develop the state, but must also have matching ambition to make such development happen.

The state since creation has had several leaders and despite being naturally endowed with potentials, had not lived upto the expectations. For instance, you will agree with us that the state on account of federal allocation especially accrueing from his oil producing status as well as her internally generated revenue, was consistently amongst the richest state in the federation for a long time and had everything required to compete with the likes of Lagos state that has today become the point of reference in the country when we talk infrastructure. Unfortunately, the two states are almost a world apart.
This isn’t in anyway due to a lack of resources rather it’s due to the absence of both the will and a matching ambition.

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We therefore wish to state the following..

1. That the time has come for Delta State to take its rightful position in the committee of states.

2. And that this can only be achieved when the right people are voted into office. The role of the electorate, you and I can therefore not be overemphasised. While we acknowledge the pitfall in our voting processes, we are optimistic that the coming election shall be free and fair enough for your votes to count.

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Therefore, we urge all citizens and residents of the state to rise up to the responsibility of electing the right leaders by participating fully in the next election circle. Your voters’ card is your power and the time to seize it is now. If truly you wish to have a better Delta state, you cannot afford to sit on the fence. You must register, renew your registration and come out to vote on the actual election day.

3. That as we prepare for the next election in the state, even in the face of all the inanities, we must listen to our conscience as we individually decide on which candidate our votes should go to.

4. That our support for any candidate as a citizen must be based on how such candidate can impact Delta State and deltans rather than individual relationship with the candidate and what we individually benefit.

5. That we call on all deltans and residents to put their sight on the greater goal of making Delta state truly greater as they decide on which candidate to support. We urge you to yield the clarion call and join this crusade aimed at creating a better society. The Greater Delta Initiative is already in your neighbourhood. And as we look forward to understanding the programs of the candidates, at the appropriate not too distant time, your participation in the greatest grassroot mobilisation the state has ever seen shall be called upon.

6. Lastly, we want to assure all deltans who heed this call to join this movement, that as we all come together to insist on good governance, having a clear vision of the kind of state we want to build, those who want to govern us must now be forced to make tangible promises of growth to which they must also be held to even as they govern. Power, bridges, security etc are all achievable, if the leader has the vision and the matching ambition. We must not accept mediocrity any more. If we think it, we can act it. If we act it, we can achieve it.

A greater Delta State is truly possible and it’s now in your hands.

God bless you all.
And long live Delta State.

Engr Henry Orhojoma


Com Frank Enakemu Adogbeji
Co. Convener.

Dr Emenena Bright
Co. Convener


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