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Micheal Tidi Bags First Class Degree In Law



Micheal Tidi Bags First Class Degree In Law

Dr Michael Tidi, Chairman of Warri South Local Government Area, has bagged a first-class degree in law from Benson Idahosa University, Edo State

Dr. Tidi, had on Friday June 24 this year ( 2022) concluded his final exam in L L B at Benson Idahosa University, Edo State, after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at University of PortHarcourt, Master’s Degree in Economics, from Delta State University, Abraka and Ph.D in Energy Studies, with Specialization in Oil and Gas , from Nigeria’s premier ivory tower, University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

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Recall that on completion of his final exam in Bachelor of Laws, L L B, Friday June 24, Dr. Tidi stated: ” “Keep in mind that it’s the journey and not the destination that counts.

“How fitting was it to have written the last academic paper of my LL.B, this Friday, June 24, 2022. It was a thrilling experience to say the least. The fact that I subjected myself to such rigorous academic exercise in the face of compellingly competing options, speaks eloquently of my intention. It is definitely a combination of an uncommon courage and relentless determination which is symbolic of the can-do spirit of the African mind.

“I have been blessed with access to a post-graduate education, and incredibly grateful for the process that earned me a Ph.D from the premier University of Ibadan sometime in 2018. But now, it’s time for a change. It’s time to prepare to wear the wig and gown, to learn new lessons, through new experiences.

“It is not in doubt that the journey and experience of returning to the ivory tower as an undergraduate have been an exciting and remarkable one. My time in the university has taught me to appreciate the fact that the law is an instrument for social engineering, a definitive weapon to promote the Rule of Law and uphold our humanity.

“The intellectual capacity, the knowledge, the training and the clear understanding of the social and political environment are the values I am bringing to the table.

“I feel like university has more than prepared me for whatever comes next. So, I’m going to use this medium to thank all those who have been a part of this success story. Here it goes…

“First and foremost, praises and thanks to God Almighty, for His showers of blessings throughout the duration of the programme. I am confident that He will perfect that which He has started.

“I am extremely grateful to my late mom for her love, care and sacrifices, for educating and preparing me for my future. I am equally very much thankful to my dad for his unwavering support and belief in me. My deepest gratitude, also goes to Delta State Governor, Senator ( Dr. ) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. Apart from his political mentorship, he has been a strong motivating factor in my quest to continually pursue excellence and acquire knowledge, geared towards better service of humanity in different capacities. Thanks to my esteemed lecturers as well. Their treasured support which was really influential in shaping my reasoning to think persuasively in a coordinated, orderly, sensible and logical manner will not be forgotten.

“My completion of this programme could not have been accomplished without the support of my classmates, Innocent, Lucky, Jacobson and Faithween to mention but a few; and my staff (both direct and indirect) and children. To Laju and Misan, thank you for allowing me time away from you to study for my Law Degree. You deserve a trip to Disney!

“Finally, to my caring, loving, and supportive wife, Juliet: my deepest gratitude. Your encouragement when the times got rough are much appreciated and duly noted. It was a great comfort and relief to know that you were willing to provide management of our household activities while I undertook the study. My heartfelt thanks.

“I’m so ready for my next chapter @nigerialawschool.


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