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Who Is Not A Tribalist?



Who Is Not A Tribalist?

What is wrong if I love my Urhobo tribe’s people?
What is wrong if I am proud of my Urhobo language?
What is wrong if I am proud of my Urhobo culture?
What is wrong if I am proud of the black color of my skin?
What is wrong if I refuse to sell my people as slaves?
What is wrong if I identify with my Urhobo people?

In Europe, every tribe is a nation. Why is it not so in black African countries? In the US, the British forcefully took over the country from the red Indians (also known as indigenous people of America/native Americans). America (US) is Anglophone.

In Canada, the British and French forcefully took the country from the same red Indians (also known as native Americans/indigenous Americans).

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The Quebec Province in Eastern Canada is francophone while all other provinces of Canada are Anglophone.

Igbos are the problems of the Igbos. The Yorubas are the problems of Yorubas. The Hausas/Fulanis are the problems of Hausas/Fulanis. The reason why Peter Obi lost the presidential election is not because of the Yorubas or Hausas/Fulanis. This is a country with many tribes. It is not a European country where every tribe is a nation except in Canada where you have two dominant ethnicities of British and French.

The indigenous people of Canada, the red Indians were sidelined by the British and French. Also in the US, the indigenous people who are the red Indians were sidelined by the British.

Two factors determine the elections in Nigeria. One is tribe and the second one is religion. The two religions of Christianity and Islam are imported, and Europeans have brainwashed us to abandon the African religion. If one doesn’t marry in the church and mosque that marriage is fetish. If one doesn’t attend church on Sundays it means he/she is a pagan.

The African problems started from European/foreigners’ invasion of Africa/Nigeria. They took our people as slaves after giving some local chiefs/kings some Greek gifts of dane-guns and gunpowders, clothes, ceramics, ornaments, etc.

Secondly, the Europeans brought the bible and sword to Colonialize Africa and Nigeria. This is where we are today. They brought democracy to Africa whereas their best allies Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunel, and Kuwait don’t practice democracy. These countries’ resources are owned by a few royal families. The West is only interested in their economic well-being.

The African and Nigerian problems are much more than what one can see. Africa and Nigeria were developing in their own space before the Europeans came to disrupt. The problem is not Tinubu, Atiku and Peter Obi.

These same leaders still visit Chatham House in London for endorsement. Is that not foolishness on their part? Ask them, how many Americans/British come here to campaign.

The Europeans use all sorts of derogatory words to describe black African people. They call us native people, they call us fetish people, they call us tribalists, they call us primitive people, they call us negroes, they call our marriage native or traditional marriage, and so forth and so on.

Zik Gbemre
February 5, 2023


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