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“Without Money, Your Opinion Is Considered Noise By Many” –Reno Omokri



"Without Money, Your Opinion Is Considered Noise By Many" --Reno Omokri

By Daniel Dafe

Former Presidential Aide, Reno Omokri, has given another reason why it is important for people to succeed and make it in life

Taking to his X handle (formerly Twitter), Omokri, known for his many wise counsels that motivate and propel people to become better individuals, opined that “without money, your opinion is considered noise by many people.”

According to him, “it should not be so.”

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Adding: “But it is the sad reality of life on Earth. When people talk about success, and you chip in, they look at you like, ‘What does a fish know about flying?’. Even some family meetings, sadly, follow this pattern. If you have little money and you talk, many people will be distracted. Some will scroll through their phones as you speak. But if you have money, what you say carries weight. Even if you whisper, your relatives will strain to catch your words. Again, it is wrong and should not be so. But to avoid this, try to succeed. But succeed legally and bigly!”


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