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With “A Man For All Season”



With "A Man For All Season"

Three months after we said so long to each other, I returned to Daura, in Katsina State, to visit our former President, Muhammadu Buhari.

His modest home remains the same way. Very modest. But the man is happy there. Very happy. True is the saying that a man’s home is his castle.

We reviewed many things that happened while we served in government, and those that have happened in the past three months. We laughed and laughed, as if laughter was going out of fashion.

He took a look at the manuscript of my memoir, which I’ve just completed. As he flipped through the Contents page, he chuckled, smiled, and laughed. Then said: “People will love to read this book. Thanks for putting it together.”

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For me, President Buhari is A Man for All Seasons. Before government, he was my hero. In government, he was. And out of government, he remains a man I deeply admire.

When we rose to take a picture, he looked at me standing almost shoulder to shoulder with him. And said with a laughter: “I never knew you were this tall.”

Greetings from Daura. Please pass me the next bottle of Fura da nono…


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