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Delta Central Senatorial Seat: I Am In The Race Because Those That Have Been There Have Failed— Ughwanogho




By Daniel Dafe

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Delta Central Senatorial District, Olorogun (Dr.) Ovie Ughwanogho, has said that he was in the race to represent his people because “those that have been there have failed.”

Ughwanogho, who spoke to Oasis Magazine (OM), during an exclusive chat recently in his residence in Eku, added: “In my assessment and that of millions of Urhobo people these representatives have not performed.”

He continued: “Let us look at those for instance that are vying to represent the people of Delta Central at the Senate. Evelyn Oboro is a lawyer. She has been in the House of Representatives for eight good years. We do not hear her voice. I have not heard her speak in the House. If you have, let me know. I have not heard her voice once on the floor of the House of Representatives. Or is it project we want to talk about? Zero!

“I don’t consider giving out second hand keke and sewing machines to people as empowerment. That is not empowerment; it is a trap.

“Coming to Ovie Omo-Agege, he has done nothing other than share Twenty Thousand Naira to market women arranged by his boys. That money you throw away in the market could have been used better. By our record he has spent up to Twenty Million Naira sharing money in the market. Which Senator goes to the market to share money; does he not have any idea on what to do with money? If that money had been paid into a cooperative where people can access that money for an interest free loan, it could have affected the lives of more people. “So the two contestants, one in APC and the other in PDP have no idea on how to move Urhobo forward. They are only interested in what they can get for themselves. I watched them for a whole year. I wanted to hear them put the issues concerning the Urhobos on the table. I wanted to hear them talk about issues that will move Nigeria forward, but they never did.”

Ughwanogho said: “They have also failed to provide report of their stewardship. If you are running for a position and have been in a position before, you are expected to provide the report of your stewardship before you can ask for another mandate. These people did not provide the report of their stewardship. “Therefore, some of us have decided we have to change the conversation from self (me, me, me) to issue-based that affects our people; let us sway the discussion from this catch and carry politics.”

According to him, “the person that can best fight for Urhobo people and bring ideas that will move Urhobo people and the country forward is the person that should be voted for.”



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