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Who Becomes DELSU’s Next VC?



The race for who becomes the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Delta State University, Abraka, has made the track an interesting scene for a while now. While the VC of the institution had publicly said that he would love to have his successor come from the university community, it is no more a hidden knowledge that several professors from outside DELSU community had indicated unreserved interest to take over this job.

News reached us recently that Professors C. Aloamaka and Lawrence Omo-Aghoja emerged victorious to represent the Senate in the panel to interview those that applied for the VC position.

The process that saw Peretomode emerge had Professors Joseph Agbamu and Rose Aziza on the panel that interviewed the applicants then. Aloamaka scaled through to the best three performing candidates, but according to unverified information he was denied his ambition because powerful Deltans from Ijaw ethnic nationality favoured Peretomode. Some even said President Goodluck Jonathan was strongly influential in tilting the pendulum to Peretomode just as Professor Arubayi (the then outgoing VC) and his clique dearly backed the candidacy of Professor Peretomode. This time around, Aloamaka is one of those in the panel to interview one of those that interviewed him then. Will he fight back? Can he do much to push for a professor from Delta North to emerge the new VC? Will the same ethnic cards that played then be considered in who becomes the new VC?

This writer has met several persons from the university community that believe that Delta North should be allowed to produce the next VC. Such positions have been countered, as others think that a university should not consider ethnicity in deciding who takes over. “Let him or her who the cap fits wear it,” they say.

Others have alleged that the immediate past Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Academic, Professor Austin Anigala would have been a good candidate from Delta North but cannot be manipulated by the kingmakers in the system and have thus abandoned him and moved against the tide to pick a candidate that is from Delta Central. Permit me not to mention his name in this piece.

Well, the powers that be in DELSU have picked a candidate and he is not from Delta North. Many have said that a Delta North VC is likely only if one of the best candidates that emerge at the end of the screening is from Delta North. Some have ticked Andy Egwuyenga, who is said to be a close friend to the Delta State Governor to scale through. Opinions sampled also show that Professor Sam Asagba, the present DVC, Administration and Professor Grace Ogwu, DVC, Academic, are frontliners in the race. The both of them, unlike Egwuyenga have held several vital positions in DELSU. Egwuyenga, though a onetime Rector in one of the polytechnics in Delta State does not match shoulder to shoulder with Professors Asagba and Ogwu in this regard.

During the last screening, the Chairman of the Governing Council, Professor Sam Oyovbaire, reportedly left the venue for the screening angrily. I hope this does not play out again.

The interests this time seem to be Delta North pitched against Delta Central.

Amazingly, Professor Aloamaka is said to have polled the highest votes during the voting for who represents the Senate in the panel that will be interviewing those that applied to be VC. This election was finally held after several delays because the powers that be were careful not to allow those opposed to their wishes of who becomes VC determine who represents the Senate in the panel. Did it go their way? I do not think so!

Well, having said these, my take is that whoever the cap fits of the almost twenty persons that applied should wear it.

We do not want policies that are anti-parents with collection of exorbitant school fees and levies. Either do we want a VC that is high-handed or one that acts like a demi-god. But, we want a humble and cool headed VC that is accessible with so much exposure that can move DELSU to the permanent site. DELSU needs a VC that can be offended and not vindictive and people-oriented. DELSU needs someone that truly cares about what happens after he or she exits the stage.

I wish all that have applied for this exalted position well.

God bless DELSU! God bless Abraka Community!! God bless Delta State!!!

Written by Daniel Dafe

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