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2023 Presidential Election: Dogara’s Defection to APC, A Step To Become Bola Tinubu’s Running Mate— Observer



A well meaning Nigerian, APC party member, political analyst and a staunch supporter of Tinubu for 2023 Presidency campaign known as Tinubu Non Negotiable (TNN) has revealed in his opinion that the defection of the former House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu Dogara from his long time party PDP to the ruling APC party was a well calculated political step to prepare the young amiable Northern Christian politician in prelude to becoming Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s running mate in 2023 Presidential Election.

In a public statement posted on the TNN Campaign platform, Aoraan Festus CMP has said that his observation in the coming of Dogara back to APC has got a lot of meanings more than what naked eyes can see.

He said that APC party has sought for a suitable core Christian Northerner to fill in as Bola Tinubu’s presidential running mate.

And that Dogara being young, trusted, a former House of Representative Speaker and a core northerner who has the sympathy of Christians anywhere including the entire northern Nigeria is apt for such important position.

He summed up that the combination of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Yakubu Dogara Will be unbeatable come 2023.

“This is just my take on Yakubu Dogara return to the APC,” Aoraan Festus expressed implicitly and added , “At last Tinubu knows the game.”

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The Coming of Yakubu Dogara in APC has a lot of meaning more than what our nacked eyes can see..

The APC is looking for a core Christian northerner to fill in as Tinubu presidential running mate.

Dogara is Young, trusted, a former house of representative speaker and a core northern who has the sympathy of Christians anywhere and the entire northern Nigeria. The combination of Tinubu and Yakubu Will be unbeatable come 2023.
This is just my take on Yakubu Dogara return to the APC.

At last Tinubu knows the game..

Aoraan Festus Cmp.

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