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Iwevbo Community’s Oldest Man Condemns Name Change To Ovre Eku, Says ‘I Am Too Old To Lie’



Chief Papa Uvo Eyimofe

By Daniel Dafe
The oldest man in Iwevbo Community in Orogho dukedom of Orhiovwon Local Government Area, Edo State, Chief Papa Uvo Eyimofe, has sad that he will remain unruffled in the face of threats from some individuals in Eku who are out to coarse him to join the group that wants the name of the community changed to Ovre Eku.

Speaking to journalists in Eku, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, the community leader said that at his age, he was too old to lie, adding that he grew up to discover that the name of the place is Iwevbo Community, adding that it was a fact that the said community is an Eku community on Edo State land just like there are Urhobo settlements in several cities and states in Nigeria, citing Bayelsa, Rivers and Ondo States as examples.

According to him, a letter from the Eku Traditional Council was sent to him that was prepared by a lawyer for him to sign to support the move to change the name from Iwevbo to Ovre Eku.

He added: “Joseph Ukueku is not fighting anyone but me. People have occupied that position as oldest man before me. Why is it that it is in my time that he is spearheading the move to change the name of the place. It is the name that a father gives to his child that he will answer.

“We are peacefully living on that land and no one is fighting us to leave the community.
“I live by the truth. If Uncle Joe likes he can go and bribe whosoever he wants to bribe, but I won’t have a hand in the arrangement to change the name.”

Speaking further, he said: “I have no hand in what they are trying to do now. It is left for the two state governments to decide, but I do not have a hand in any change of name. Even if they cut off my head, I will not support them.”
Continuing, he said that he called Uncle Joe for settlement but he failed to show up, saying that some persons in Eku Community are interested in benefitting from the tussle. But I don’t want that to happen. I and Ukueku both suffered in the village.”

Pa Uyo disclosed that he has been receiving threats that his house and property in Eku will be seized from him so he can go back to Iwevbo Community, saying that he does not care what is done to him but determined to stand by the truth on the matter always.


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