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Ethiope West 2021: Comr. Irikefe Matthew Agbroko, The Right Man For The Job



Comr. Irikefe Matthew Agbroko

By Aboyi Lawson
A leader is not an administrator who loves to run others, but someone who carries water for his people so that they can get on with their jobs – Robert Townsend.

The above axiom unequivocally finds expression in the personality of Comrade Irikefe Matthew Agbroko. He is one man who has timelessly shown what leadership is, and should be about-the people- at different instances and situations. He has often engaged opportunities, power and wealth as tools and privileges given by God to influence the behaviour and attitudes of others positively and put society on the path of greatness. Not only that, his humility and honesty is second to none. He complements those virtues with a high level of creativity, innovation and business mastery. No wonder, he has recorded huge successes in all of his engagements.

As an economist, he believes in the theory of communalism and an inclusive system/ society. This unique trait bestows on him deeper understanding of socioeconomic system and equips him with the needed abilities to manage human at diverse points. Following his uprightness, dedication, goodwill, commitment to good governance and exemplary leadership, the late Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom appointed him as a member of the committee that handled the Jesse light issue with BEDC. His inputs in cash and kind enhanced a speedy delivery of the assignment.

His passion for a just, equitable and more accommodating society for all attracted him into politics. Because of this ideology, he anchored his political stands on justice, morality and noble virtues as obtainable in Christian doctrines and biblical tenets. Interestingly, as a frontline aspirant in the race for the Ethiope West Local Government chairmanship position, his ideas are collectivistic, change-oriented and technologically motivated. His pragmatic agenda cuts across all challenging areas of our society; name it, security, education, agriculture, town planning, welfare scheme and a host of other very germane programmes needed for systemic reawakening and regeneration.

In a consultation visit to Chief John Nani, Agbroko pleaded with the leader to send him to the council as the next Local Government Chairman of Ethiope West. He promised to match words with actions as he highlighted workable pathways and strategies to having a stronger, peacefully and productive Local Government. He promises to build on the present infrastructure, social amenities and environmental conditions, human capital, agriculture and security. He also promised to technologize all the streets in Ethiope West for easy identification, assessment by strangers and for security efficiency.

Unarguably, with the likes of Comrade Irikefe Matthew Agbroko at the corridor of governance in Ethiope West, a progressive and Stronger Ethiope West is certain.


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