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2020 FAFT Zonal Q: We Last Defeated Iwere, we can repeat it- Sifo



– Both teams Dominate Each Other- Tosan Lori

By Clarkson Ogo

Technical Director of Sporting FC, Tony Sifo has expressed confidence that his team will qualify for the Semi final of Felix Anirah Football Tournament as they take on familiar opponent Iwere United by 8am at the Warri City Stadium this Friday.

“Sporting Fc has really improved with our new experienced Coach Godwin Ogbe”.

“I believe with what I have seen the team played at the preliminary stage we should beat Iwere FC”.

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While reacting to Sporting Fc Director statement, Chairman of Iwere United Tosan Lori said both terms dominate one another and the better side will carry the day.

“My team has also defeated sporting fc in some of our previous meetings, that’s football for you”.

“This is a different tournament; my boys are ready for the game and am sure by God’s grace we will defeat sporting Fc. It will be a nice and difficult game, but we will come victorious”.

Tosan Lori also appealed for quality match officials henceforth.

“I will suggest that graded referees be engaged to handle the knockout stages henceforth”.

Sporting Fc defeated Iwere United in their last encounter in the 2019 NLO2 competition league in Yenogoa Bayelsa state.


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