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Beautiful HIV-Positive Lady Celebrates Happy Relationship And 3 Kids



A married woman has left social media users awe-struck after revealing that she is happily married with HIV while her children are negative.

The lady identified with the Twitter handle @Ethanma8 spoke about HIV-positive people taking their medication correctly, explaining that taking her pill has given her three HIV-negative children as well as an HIV-negative partner.

She added a few cute pics to accompany her post and went on to say that if people with a positive HIV diagnosis continue on the correct path of taking their medication, their viral load will be undetectable.

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Below are just a few of the responses her post received:

@AdaAma18 wrote:
“You are an inspirational and courageous woman. Thank you for speaking out. People like you help to break the stigma of HIV, educate people, and save lives. We need more like you. Did I also mention that you have a beautiful family?”

@PsalmKirk said:
“Beautiful. We all need a reminder from time to time that people can live perfectly normal lives with HIV. This is wholesome.”

@ikeazotachibu2 tweeted:
“You are an instrument of encouragement! May the good Lord bless you and also give you more courage to carry on. You and your family are blessed. Thanks for speaking out.”

@LNtakwende responded with:
“I like your spirit and your positivity as well, keep on encouraging us.”



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