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Enhancing Income Generation Of Ogbeosadi Community Through Systematic Approach



By Chukwudi Asoya

Society, one has continued to observe overtime is its dynamic nature in all ramifications. The dynamism of the human society to a very large extent, could be attributed to the advancement of the society in line with the modern trends where development takes the centre stage.

To actualise such development, it behooves on individuals to have the sincerity of purpose and rate commitments. Personal sentiments and unnecessary prejudice including personal gains that would be at the expense of others must be jettisoned if one is concerned about recording success in any ventures, especially in community assignments.

The importance of effective leadership, where those at the helm of affairs in any given society avail themselve of every opportunity within their disposal to ensure that they strive to bring about productive investment that would stand the test of time and also shapen the destiny of the people who might be direct beneficiaries of such initiatives, cannot be overemphasised. At any point in time, one is expected to use his recognition to touch lives in one way or the other for posterity purpose.

Upon assumption of office with their terms of reference that also provided them with the legal framework to carry out their assignment for the good of their people, Comrade Lucky Okolo’s Land Recovery Committee together with the synergy with the elders of Ogbeosadi family, have been vigorously pursuing their task with uncommon zeal and determination.
In tandem with the Delta State Government initiative of the leadership of Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa administration’s commitment to sustain all critical sectors of the economy through revenue generation, the General Coordinator of Ogbeosadi Land Recovery Committee, Comrade Lucky Okolo of Okpanam in Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta, in collaboration with the elders of his village have devised key measures of generating Income and effectively channeling such proceeds into other areas of common interest for the community.

The multiplier effects of the leadership of Ogbeosadi village under the watch of Ogbueshi (Diokpa) Norbert Mokwenyei and Comrade Lucky Okolo’s Recovery Committee, had even before Diokpa Mokwenyei’s expected ascension into the dikpa-Isi of the community following the demise of late Ogbueshi Stephen Okolo who sometime in the last quarter of 2020 joined his ancestors had continued to manifest in several folds.

Determinedly committed to leave behind, an endearing legacies of effective leadership that could be difficult to beat, Comrade Lucky Okolo’s committee through the overwhelming support of the elders and the good people of the community, after their inauguration to office, designed a people oriented template aimed at giving Ogbeosadi the desired facelift, thus making the village, an envy of other enclaves in Okpanam community.
To ensure that the masses benefit adequately from the various resources of the community, particulars the proceeds from land which has undeniably proven to be one of most dependable areas of income generation in the community, the committee apart from the successful completion and inauguration of a multipurpose town hall, otherwise known as the ‘Ogwa-Ukwu’ , which is conceived and actualised as a ‘centre of unity’ as well as a meeting point for any decision and resolution in the community, Comrade Lucky Okolo’s Recovery Committee had empowered some youths and women of the community.
Such empowerment include monetary reward for the women to enable them start up a little business in order to make them self reliant .
Again, outside of the aforementioned achievements in addition to the open door policy approach of their leadership, especially in the area of carrying their people along in the scheme of things, not unaware of the fact that Ogbeosadi is one indivible entity whose peaceful coexistence and unity could be traced to time immemorial the committee is leaveraging on the strong support and backing of the elders of the village including Ogbueshi (Diokpa) Norbert Mokwenyei, who is the overall Diokpa of the area , elders Paul Okocha, Pius Mokwenyei, Pius Ozor , Greg Okocha and Ogbueshi Sunday Nwanze , among other stakeholders saw the need to expand their drag nets for income generation by investing in the building of a Plaza so as to create more comfortability for the prospective occupants of the plaza when achieved.
Despite the fact that the stakeholders and elders of Ogbeosadi village in their separate remarks underscored the importance of building a plaza in the community as a deliberate approach to boost the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the community, the idea could be traced to December, 2019 during a well attended conference where according to the elders that critical decisions including the building of an Ogwa and a Plaza were taken.
According to the elders including the Coordinator of the Ogbeosadi Land Recovery Committee, Comrade Lucky Okolo , the plaza when achieved would contribute in no small measures to enhance the socioeconomic growth and development of not only Ogbeosadi village but Okpanam and the society in general.

Speaking further during one of their meetings, held on February 20, 2021 , on the planned building of a Plaza , the articulate youth leader in the community, Comrade Lucky Okolo, said that the plaza would serve as a commercial nerve centre or hub in the area and appealed to everybody in the community to embrace the noble idea as the strength of the people according to him , largely depended on their unity .
Comrade Okolo, who stated that his committee would not compromise on its assignment of entrenching and ensuring effective leadership for the people of Ogbeosadi, added that the betterment of the village remained his top most priority. He reiterated that he would bring his wealth of experience to bear in the office by adding the much desired value to the system. He said that his contribution to the growth of Ogbeosadi village and Okpanam at large was not negotiable and enjoined the people of his community to continue to live in harmony with one another, adding that no meaningful development could thrive in an atmosphere of disunity.

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The renowned advocate of peace and justice, restated that it was unanimously agreed in their conference in December 2019 that an Ogwa-Ukwu should be built in the community thereafter a Plaza should follow in an open space in the community, saying that the aggrieve individuals in the community should sheath their sword and join hands with his committee and elders of the community to develop their community.
On their part, Ogbueshi Norbert Mokwenyei, elder Paul Okocha, elder Greg Okocha, elder Pius Mokwenyei, elder Pius Ozor and Ogbueshi Sunday Nwanze applauded the initiative, explaining that the idea which they christened ‘people oriented’ was timely.
While calling for unconditional support of the initiative by all sons and daughters of the community for the overall benefits of the community, especially the investment in plaza , the elders said that it would drive the socioeconomic growth of the area. They commended the Comrade Lucky Okolo’s Land Recovery Committee for a job well done, stressing that their achievements had been outstanding and unprecedented.

In his systematic approach of playing the fatherly role in any circumstances, Ogbueshi Norbert Mokweynei, therefore, admonished his subjects to abstain from things that could divide them as brothers and sisters but to consistently show love and understanding to one another and apply wisdom in resolving issues rather than exposing themselves to the public through court litigations. Ogbueshi (diokpa) Norbert Mokweynei, who stated that Ogbeosadi family under his watch would consolidate on the gains recorded by his predecessor, late Ogbueshi Stephen Okolo towards realising peace and progress in the community.

Specifically highlighting the potential benefits of the facility (plaza), Ogbueshi Sunday Nwanze noted that the structure would not only attract more revenue to the community that could be reinvested into other profit oriented ventures, it would add to the beauty of the area.

Joining his voice to that of the diokpa Norbert Mokweynei, Ogbueshi Sunday Nwanze described the opposition to the use of the space for the investment as unnecessary and urged those against the initiative to have a rethink considering what the community stands to gain when the project eventually materialise.

For elder Paul Okocha, and elder Pius Mokweynei, they would continue to identify with things that would not only attract meaningful development to them but emphasised the strong need to sustain the existing peace in the community, just as they maintained that for several decades now, Ogbeosadi family had been a reference point in the area of peace.

Yes, there is no iota of doubts, that the idea of community investment is a welcome development, it should be pursued through collective bargaining such that in carrying out any project for the community the policy imitators must also ensure that their ideas are wholeheartedly embraced and make sure that every concern is effectively addressed to curtail arbitrations that could blossom into issues and one believes that the committee and the elders would always ensure that happens.


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