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Delta State LGC Elections: PDP Victory, The Task Before Them




By Richardson Ogwezzy

In the game of football or other related games, what determines a good player or a team is the number of goals scored at the end of the play. So it is in the game of politics; one of the major yardsticks to determine a good political office holder or a good political leader is the level of acceptance by his people which is a direct consequence of performance and accountability. By acceptance, I mean, the way people vote for him or his political party. Such politicians at all point in time bring landslide victory to their parties in elections.

In recent times, one of the ways people easily use to determine good governance which is a direct reflection of good party leadership, is determining the degree of stability of members of the party. This explains why principal members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State hardly defect to other parties. You will agree with me that Delta State is one of the major states in Nigeria that PDP political office holders do not defect to other parties rather politicians from other parties defect to the party. This shows the degree of good governance and exemplary party leadership.

I do not really know how it will sound to some of us, especially the critics, if I say Delta PDP landslide victory in the Local Government elections is a proof of Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa’s good governance. Political office holders like the governors providing good governance can encourage the electorate to vote for his party during an election to ensure continuity of developmental programmes and projects. This is why before the 2021 Local Government elections even babies were able to predict almost 100% victory for PDP, that is Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa led administration. The Delta State PDP’s victory is likened to a saying that, ‘ever since the snake was pregnant people knew it will give birth to a long thing. The end was predictable from the beginning because of clear indices of development and progress in the State. The Delta State PDP”s victory in the Local Government elections have been foretold by many before the elections. This is because the party(PDP) has an intimidating pedigree that deters rival parties from been confident enough to contest with them.

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In order to get credible candidates for elective positions, that will bring good governance to the people at the grassroots, the leadership of PDP in Delta State introduced Leaders” Picking Suitable Candidates Approach. This potentially reduced the cost of politicking, rate of godfatherism, unnecessary political entanglements and stress. The end result is to produce credible candidates that will give purposeful representation.

One good turn, they say, deserves another. Now that the leadership of PDP through His Excellency Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa and the PDP State Party Chairman Hon. (Barr.) Kingsley Esiso has devised a political innovation that successfully brought all the elected chairmen and councilors in the state. They(the elected) should bear in mind that such people have not gotten to their political climax(position). Their future political elections hinge on your purposeful representation. This is because, you are their representatives at the grassroots level. Everybody in the leadership positions strives to move to the next political level but their success to some extent depends, on your performance and responsible representation especially at the grassroots.

Permit me to use this medium to congratulate Hon. Godday Nzete the PDP chairman of Ndokwa West LGA on his victory at the just concluded Local Government elections. The Ndokwa West leaders nominated you because they know you can make a positive difference. The Ndokwa West people overwhelmingly voted for you because they have seen the plight of Ndokwa West people and from your political antecedents show that you can bring more purposeful representation.

May I also advise that as the Executive Chairman of Ndokwa West LGA, so much is expected of you by the political leaders and the good people of Ndokwa West . And we do hope that, you will use this golden opportunity to make a positive difference in serving The Almighty God and humanity.

Richardson Ogwezzy writes from Emu Obodeti, Ndokwa West LGA


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