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Fr Mbaka Says Buhari Has Refused To Label Herdsmen Terrorists, His Govt Killing Innocent Nigerians




Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr Ejike Mbaka, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari of an impending disaster, Daily Posts reports.

Mbaka who spoke at the Adoration Ministry in Enugu State on Wednesday noted that Buhari has refused to label killer herdsmen as ‘terrorists’ while his government is busy killing innocent Nigerians in the country.

According to him, until the Buhari-led government finds something for the youths, they are going to face disaster.

”Overseas have become dumping grounds for our Nigerian youths. Lawyers and doctors are fleeing the country to countries we are better off. Disaster is coming. Until the government of the country finds something for our youth, they are going to face disaster.

”A time is coming when if you are asked to be a Senator, House of Representative member or Governor, you will run. This is because we cannot continue like this. The leaders have suffered the youths and it’s time for the civilians to suffer the leaders.

”Enough of this rubbish. The reason you come here for prayers are what the government should supply. One cup of rice or pot of soup, house rent and importation into the country have doubled.

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”International communities cannot come and invest in Nigeria any more. Are we living or dying? How can someone become a billionaire from what belongs to all of us and those who have the money are begging? Many mothers cannot change pampers for their children. Our young ladies are thinking of going into prostitution, young men have nothing doing.”

The Cleric maintained that the deplorable state of the nation has led to cultism and idolatry. He also warned leaders of the country to release money they are keeping for the 2023 election.

”Young men now visit native doctors to prepare charm. The job of the government now is to kill people and call them terrorists instead of giving them jobs. They said people should farm and now after farming, herdsmen will go and eat the crops and they will not be branded terrorists.

”Last week, it was jailbreak, we never heard of such things that are happening now. If the government does not sit up and bring the money they are hiding for 2023, that 2023 will not come.

”It will be a story of tragedy. Nobody is safe in this country. Everywhere they are killing people. Only God is protecting us. What will it take to fix power? We have millions of graduates doing nothing and the leaders are not ashamed. Why should parents feed their children after training them? You wonder why our parents don’t live long? Teachers are not well paid, policemen are not being taken care of. If they are killed on duty, no one takes care of their family, what kind of country is this?” he lamented.


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