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Re: Awaiting The Next Olufon Of Ifon Oroluland



Our attention has been drawn to a publication in The Nations newspaper of 7th May 2021 titled:- Awaiting the Next Olufon.

This write up is an irresponsible partisan submission betraying academic excellence from a supposed learned fellow. That notwithstanding, truth must always prevail over falsehood.

The writer admitted that:

“But whatever Declaration is accepted as operative today, it is clear that while all other ruling houses have filled the vacant stool of Olufon in successions till the demise of the late Oba in 2021, only the Odunolu and the Oluyeyin Ruling Houses have not ascended the Olufon throne in recent time.

The writer further admitted that:

“And since no rotation process has ever been strictly adhered to under the two controversial Declarations, it is only just and equitable that a new Olufon should emerge either from the Odunolu or Oluyeyin Ruling Houses.”

The question that begs for answer is that since the writer agreed that.” no rotation has ever been followed”, meaning, it is not by numbering that determines which Ruling House is the next, it must not follow in chronological order why recommending his own preferred choice? The Moronfolu family which produced Ọba Olagunju as number 1 was followed Oba Ilufoye which is from number 4, and after No. 4, Olumoyero in number 2 produced the immediate past Olufon. This shows chronological order/numbering does not matter in the choice between Odunolu and Oluyeyin.

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The best consideration should be which family between the two will serve the interest of Ifon Osun better. The stake holders at the local and state level should consider the interest of the community first, and not by numbering or individual prejudices.

Tried as the writer did to play a role of “Neutral By Stander”, he inadvertently betrayed his hate for Oluyeyin family for just no cause! After admitting that no order of rotation has been strictly adhered to, coming to the conclusion that:

“But as between the Odunolu and Oluyeyin, it is even more equitable, in my well-considered view, to allow the Odunolu to produce the next Olufon, given the chronological order of listing by the two controversial Declarations”

is borne out of hate, and if the writer has agreed that no rotation is followed, to recommend Odunolu is indeed a prejudicial opinion without reasonable basis.

As for we in Oluyeyin Ruling House, we trust the process of Oṣùn State government that the government will do what is just and right, not based on weightless opinion of a prejudiced individual.

We therefore describe the opinion of Dr. Misbau Alamu Lateef contained in the publication above referred as without reasonable basis. It shows lack of understanding of the intricacies of politics of Royal families.

It is observed that his unwarranted publication is addressed to a certain “SIR”, we believe he knows that his opinion derides sound reasoning and logical thinking, and the “SIR” can but come to the same conclusions with us.

Also, in response to the unscrupulous and misleading publication of Dr. Misbau Alamu Lateef in the Nations newspaper of today the 7th May 2021, it has been established that his publication is devoid of fair comment on Olufon Chieftaincy, rather, he is employed, or influenced by his sympathy for his paternal grandmother family of Olurombis of Balogun’s Compound, Ifon Osun.

No wonder. Thus, the generality of Orolu people should be weary of his so called opinion which he is entitled to air as we are equally entitled to point out his mischiefs as it affect our family.


Media Office and Strategic Planning

Oluyeyin Ruling House,
Olufon’s Compound, Ifon.


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