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Sixth Anniversary: Okowa Is A True Reflection Of ‘Prosperity For All Deltans’ –Mama Aghoghovbia




By careful assessment of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Author Okowa Six-year ongoing administration, a lot has been achieved. 

If you recall back to,  during his inauguration,  May 29, 2015, His Excellency Ifeanyi Okowa noted in his inaugural address, that  the good people of Delta with his administration will pay more  special attention to rural development.

According to  Chief Mrs Grace Aghoghovbia that there was a huge challenges right from the moment Okowa assumed  office in 2015, just as she   narrated the challenges ranging from heavy salary burden, huge debts as well as crisis in the oil producing communities across the state.

Agoghovbia noted that she can remember vividly when Gov. Okowa bailed out local government councils and renegotiated Delta’s huge debt burde!, saying that we can simply look back and say Okowa has done quite well in delivering on his campaign promises and more just as she urged journalists to go to the field.

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“You guys are journalists, go for inspection tour and see things for yourselves, in terms of infrastructural transformation and youth empowerment? The man has constructed roads and adjoining streets, build bridges and human capital development within these short period of six years. Okowa braved the odds by embarking on projects with direct bearing on the lives of the people.

“Gov.Okowa has provided good governance; rapid rural development; traders and youth empowerments; among others, and he has indeed kept faith with his campaign promises to the people of Delta State,” she added.

The Executive Assistant on Beautification said: “There is every need to praise God for the soundmind God gave to our wokaholic progressive Governor; I am indeed humbled to serve under his administration.”

“Okowa administration broke records by taking the bull by-the-horn by embarking on projects like bridges, roads, schools, health centers, among others which had direct impact on the lives of citizens. He assured that more of such projects would be done within the limit of funds available to the state government for development.

“Gov. Okowa is a man with good communication. Within these six years of his administration, he has engaged all stakeholders for development to strive. As at today, a lot of our youths have been engaged in intelligence work and in other aspects of governance and a lot of them are also being trained,” she added.


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