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Land Dispute: Crisis Looms At Eko/Amukpe Community Of Delta State



By Onoriode Etatsemi

The people of Eko Community in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, have sent a (save our soul) message to relevant government authorities in the state to prevail on their sister Amukpe community youths, to stop the war, intimidation and harassment on them over a parcel of land allegedly belonging to them (Eko Community).

Mr William Mereti, Chairman Eko community in Amukpe District of Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, who addressed journalists, said they have been under seige from Amukpe youths who constantly battle them over their own ancestral land.

Mr Mereti told journalists, that “In August 2018, Amukpe town community, summoned us to Udogun Arbitration Court in Orodje Palace at Orerokpe, where the case of the disputed land was finally decided, between Amukpe and Eko. It was agreed that Ovwore stream should be used as a natural boundary amongst the two communities.”

“Thereafter, both parties obeyed the rulings of Orodje and in January this year, people from Amukpe began to come and sell our land and collect money from people. Those people who bought land from them began to build houses on the said land within Eko community against the decision of our Monarch,” he stated.

He explained further that, “with that arrangement, they have invariably trespassed on Eko land, thereby disobeying the ruling of our highly revered monarch.”

“Around mid May, the trespass became unbelievable and Eko Community elders went to Orerokpe, our administrative headquarters to report the issue to the king. In May 25, both parties were invited to Orerokpe and the former panel which earlier decided the case reaffirmed their initial decision right in the presence of the Chairman of Amukpe town community, Mr Emmanuel Asagba with his excos including those of Eko community.”

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He stated further that during the case, “both parties were seriously warned not to allow their youths and elders to cross the Ovwore stream to the other side. At the end, both parties appreciated the efforts of the panel members for a job well done on the said day.”

He declared, that based on the decision reached, Eko Community are now warning the general public that any transaction made without the consent of Eko community is at his or her own risk.

“If any one from Amukpe goes to transact, sell and purchase any land across Ovwore to Eko side, he is doing that at his or her own risk,” he stressed.

He appealed to the government of Delta State, particularly Sapele Local Government Council to prevail on Amukpe youths to maintain peace by abiding by the rulings of their leaders to avoid any possible break down of law and order in both sisters communities.


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