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Obi Of Owa Was Before 1951 A Tradition Chief To Agbor Monarch — Agbor Man Replies Owa Monarch



An Agbor man, by name John Okoh, has revealed the hierarchical position of the Dein of Agbor Kingdom in Delta State, Nigeria, noting that the Owa monarch, Obi Efizomor the second, was before 1951 the Ayiwe of Agbor Kingdom, which means a traditional chief with direct inheritance status.

Mr. Okoh while maintaining that the Dein of Agbor Kingdom is a first class king, noted that the Delta State traditional council has no head as the self acclaimed Chairman’s tenure has long expired, disclosing that the Traditional rulers constitution only stipulates two years tenure for both the chairman the vice chairman, and members of the council.

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His reply reads:
My attention has been drawn to a publication that has gone viral that the Agbor Monarch arrogated to himself as being a first class King.

There is nothing to worry about as the statement is one of fact followed by laws.

In the erstwhile Midwest State, the Agbor Monarch was number 2 in the hierarchy of traditional rulers, and so too in Bendel State before a Commission with political undertone began her maneuvering tendency to set up a complete mode for seniority.

Even in Western Region, the Agbor Monarch was a Minister.

However, by sections 40 and 41 particularly section 40(5) of the Traditional Rulers Council and Chiefs Law of Delta State, the tenure of the Chairman, Vice chairman etc including the Council itself is two years.

The Obi of Owa who began to enjoy monarchy in 1951, and who found himself as Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers has stayed over 4 terms without being re-elected or the Council reconstituted, and he has no power to stay beyond a tenure which is 2 years.

As far as the public is concerned, there is no Council of Traditional Rulers and whatever letter by way of communique is a wasted exercise as it amounts to a nullity.

The publication is not worth any Agbor person drinking Panadol.

Section 40(5) of the Traditional Rulers Council and Chiefs Law of Delta State stipulates that the Chairman, Vice chairman and members of the Council shall be appointed for a period of two years only.

The Obi of Owa, who before 1951 was an AYIWE, which means tradition chief with direct inheritance status, has been the chairman of the Traditional Rulers Council for several years contrary to the provisions of the law which put him there.

By that very fact, his occupation of that office is null and illegal.

As it stands now, there is no Traditional Rulers Council.

Owa became a kingdom with an Obi in 1951, Umunede in 1919, Mbiri in 1930, etc and they are all creations of the Colonial Master.

Conversely, Agbor was not created by any Government as it has been a nation since the eons of time.


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