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John The Baptist Paid The Price For Global Evangelism – Archbishop Odutemu



Chairman, Delta State Pilgrims and Welfare Board, Archbishop Cyril Odutemu (centre), Delta Pilgrims Board Executive Secretary, Rev Sameul Okoh (Left), Board Member, Archbishop Jonathan Arhawarien (2nd Right) and Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, (right) on top of the demolished palace of King Herod, opposite the Dead Sea in the holy land of Jordan.

…Calls For Prayers To Avert Persecution Of Christians In Nigeria

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe

Renowned clergy and leader of the Delta State pilgrims to the holy land of Jordan, Archbishop Cyril Odutemu, has said that biblical John the Baptist, who was beheaded by King Herod, paid the ultimate price for the spread of the gospel of Jesus, through evangelical ministry from Jordan to the rest of the world.

Odutemu made the assertion during a brief prayer meeting held at the wrecked hilltop palace of former King Herod, were John the Baptist was beheaded, opposite the Dead Sea, in the holy land of Jordan. The palace was demolished in 70 AD by a Roman Emperor.

He noted that the death of the pioneer evangelist had nothing to do with the social event held in the palace but unfortunately his name surfaced.

The renowned Anglican Archbishop urged Christians; especially church leaders to always pray against principalities and dark powers in high place, so that their destinies and ministries will not be amputated prematurely by enemies of the gospel.

Odutemu, said recent developments in Nigeria, and some other countries of the world, points to the fact that Christianity is facing stiff opposition, adding that the body of Christ must rise up in prayers against the spread of the good news of Jesus.

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“God’s servant and pioneer Evangelist, John the Baptist, was sent to his early grave here by King Herod. Right here in this wrecked palace, on top of this mountain facing the Dead Sea, Brother John was beheaded based on a “blank cheque” promise made to an evil damsel.

“The rest is now history, but they could not stop the spread of the gospel, and in our time and age, the Church of God, must be united against evil forces trying to stop the move of God, in a sinful world.

“John the Baptist was beheaded and Christ was crucified, which aptly revealed deliberate attack on the Church of God centuries ago and recent events confirmed the regrouping of forces against Christianity.

“Brethren, It behooves on us as Christians, and those ordained into the five-fold ministry to brace up in prayers, and to do the needful to ensure that what happened to John the Baptist, in the hands of King Herod, does not happen in Nigeria, either now or in the future,” Odutemu added.

King Herod’s palace is now desolate, converted to tourists attraction by the Jordanian government. Two huge building pillars were visible, as well as the concrete floor and other demolished structures.

It is believed that during the reign of Herod, the palace had underground bunkers and expansive warehouse where the king and his family usually take refuge in war times. And it takes between ten to fifteen minutes to climb Herod’s palace from basement to the top, opposite the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is stagnant, it does not flow, and does not sink anybody. People naturally float on top of the Dead Sea. It is highly salty and the water must not touch the eyes.

No member of Delta team got close to the Dead Sea.

They stopped over at Umm Ar-Rasas, where over 16 churches were demolished, beginning from the 9th century.

Churches destroyed include; St Stephen Church, St Paul, Lion Church, Peacock Chapel, to mention a few.

The massive christian community which housed several churches is now converted to tourist attraction.


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