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Delta 2023: Crisis In DC-23 Over Moves To Prune Down Guber Aspirants



The insistence of DC-23 to screen and prune down aspirants from Delta central is already tearing the senatorial zone apart and one begins to wonder why despite the public outcry against their decision by members of the Osu Governorship Movement (OGM), other groups and well meaning individuals, DC-23 continues to feign ignorance of the unpopular nature of their decision.

Information reaching us also is that critical stakeholders including members of the Board of Trustees are seriously against the screening exercise and have expressed their reservations to the leadership of the group.

It is on record that two female PDP stalwarts and executive of the group from Sapele and Ethiope East Local Government challenged the leadership of having ulterior motives for not discussing the issue of setting up the committee before coming out to announce it on the floor of the house.

Despite the show of open rejection by notable executive of DC-23 including its legal adviser and some other executive members, it was gathered that the leadership of the group continues to pay deaf ears to the collective wish and aspirations of its members.

As it is now, there is a growing seed of revolt and resentment among members of DC-23 which might lead to the eventual collapse of the group if not properly managed.

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It is also worthy of note that members of the Board of Trustees were not also carried along and up till date no rational explanation has been given to them despite efforts to reach the leadership of the group to discuss the issue with a view of looking into the merits and demerits.

It is our collective conviction that the way to counter those that want to exercise their freedom of speech or express their concerns on a given issue is not to act as if they do not exist, impose your will on them, dismiss them with contempt and attempt to publicly rubbish and dismiss their legitimate concerns and aspirations but instead to try and understand where they are coming from, assuage their fears and anxieties, negotiate with them and give them guarantees about their place and role in a most civilised and unbiased manner.

Feigning ignorance of the cry and fears of Deltans especially the people of Delta central whom the DC-23 seeks to represent will only serve the intended interest and collective aspirations of a privileged few among the political class.

The general feeling is that the group is on a mission to actualize the purported interest of a particular tendency who are bent on producing a Governor from the Ughelli federal constituency by any means possible.

We are also aware that of the 5 aspirants that will be presented 3 will likely come from Ughelli federal constituency, where it would be further pruned down to a particular aspirant from same federal constituency that will eventually be adopted as their consensus candidate.

We want to call on DC-23 to stop its planned exercise to prune down aspirants as its decision will negatively affect the chances of other aspirants.

While it is too early for such exercise, it is also worthy of note that they do not have the constitutional power to do so and aggregating such powers to themselves will be counter productive to the peace, unity, ,cohesion and collective well-being of the people of Delta central.

However it is our solemn believe that the word of God is immutable and unassailable and He is faithful to keep it to the very end. If I know nothing else, this I know to be true. I know that scripture cannot be broken and that whether we live or die tomorrow is in the hands of God alone. I also know that injustice and deceit can never last and that oppression and exclusion only fuels dissent.

For so long we have chosen the path of decency, loyalty and brotherhood but when it is taken for granted then it is time to step up your game and speak truth to power.

The God that stopped king pharaoh is still alive and that same God will continue to rule over the affairs of men.

OSU is a divine mandate whose time has come and as we all know even the gate of hell cannot prevail .

My name is Sanco Ese,
National Coordinator, OSU Governorship Movement
a.k.a God’s Pen of Intervention


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