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Chief Julius Ogboru Tackles Skinn Over Comments On Agege’s 2023 Governorship Ambition



By Daniel Dafe/Thelma Ojetobor

Chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC), Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, and Acting Chairman of Chairmen in Delta Central, Chief julius Ogboru, has taken a swipe at a member of the Ogboru family, Chief Skinn, over his comments on the 2023 governorship ambition of the Deputy Senate President, Barr. Ovie Omo-Agege.

Chief Skinn Ogboru in an exclusive interview granted Oasis Magazine weeks after he decamped to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), opined that Agege’s governorship ambition is a waste of time, saying Delta State remains a PDP state and nothing can be done to undo this.

But, speaking to Oasis Magazine recently in his Abraka residence, Chief Ogboru while reacting to the political prediction of Chief Skinn, said that Agege’s accomplishments under APC and the history of feats achieved by the Urhobo Senator contradict this claim, adding that DSP Omo-Agege has been a father and leader.

Furthermore, he stated that Skinn Ogboru has no right to make such comments about Agege, saying that Skinn is a “toad” for such talk.

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“Omo Agege is a pillar; what he has done today even though he has not become a governor should make Urhobo people support him. This is not the time to play politics; areas where there have been no light, Omo-Agege has put light there.”

He said: “It’s not because you have money or you are a money bag and you think you are a politician. They should learn. Omo Agege is a great politician that is going to deliver Delta State as the governor and will do more things for the people of Delta State. Do we have road in this country? Have our governors even done what Omo Agege has done today? They have not.

“Okay it was my guy, Akpovwowo who carried them there. Has Akpovwowo accused any person politically? The answer is no. Akpovwowo is a politician, but all the people he carried there now, I don’t want to mention their names… are they politicians? These other boys here, they are my boys. Are they politicians? Politicians at where? Do they have followers? They just go looking for bread to eat. Those people can be Omo-Agege’s driver. So they should keep quiet. Skinn and his guys should keep quiet and not be talking anyhow in the newspaper. They can meet the governor to give them money. Is Okowa not my man?”

According to him, the way he supported Okowa against the then sitting Governor is how he is determined to support Agege now.

His words: “I made Okowa governor because I know his capability and I supported him at that period because I know Okowa’s political strength. I had to support him, even when the sitting governor was against him.”

Ogboru expressed optimism that Omo Agege will win the governorship election, just as he said it is already a done deal.

Asked if Agege stands a chance with the division in APC, he said: “They are not divided; those acting divided are not followers. They should learn before they become governor. Look, I don’t want to mention names; you just don’t get up to say you want to be a governor. You want to be a governor, somebody is staying by your door, they can’t enter your house. A politician wants to be a governor, but people staying around you are hungry. You can’t give them something to eat. Will you be a governor of the air? I want to be a governor, some of them don’t know what they call unity.”

He continued: “Many of them who say they are politicians, don’t know who to use to work for them in a unit.”

On the way forward for Delta APC, he said they must stop blaming leadership.

“Everybody cannot be a leader at one time. I’m a politician, you’re a politician, you want to be governor, I want to be a governor, no, we should learn first. Some of them who are saying if I win I will do this, I will do that, they won’t do it because they are not serious. Look at Omo Agege, he has not become a governor, but he is doing fantastic things, not only in Delta State, but in other states as a Deputy Senate President. He’s doing lot of things in other states. So you don’t just say you want to be governor and do not have any idea or plan, but just want to be governor.

“My advice to them who are claiming leadership in Delta Central is that they should follow Omo Agege and work with him. Omo Agege will not be governor for life. After Omo Agege, other persons can become governor and that is why I duff my cap to our man, High Chief Emerhor for supporting Omo-Agege to become the governor. You cannot begin to argue always and argue unnecessarily when you have no idea of politics. You must start and learn. So most of them should start with Omo Agege and learn. They should think and have a plan to become governor after the tenure of Omo Agege.”


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